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16 Jun 2008 - 09:453609
any tips on building a muscle suit?

i thought about sewing little bundles of material in the appropriate places, underneath the "skin", to try and blend them in and make the whole thing look more natural.

but i haven't had any experience with them so any tips from veteran cosplayers would be greatly appreciated.

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16 Jun 2008 - 12:223611
My best bet would be to build up layers of foam to create the musculature as with one of the methods of creating an undersuit for a fursuit.

16 Jun 2008 - 13:443612
yeah im interested in finding this out to, theres so many muscle characters id love to do its just knowing how to go about it.

i was thinking maybe building up on a top creating the shapes and sewing them to it then stuffing them for all the different proportions, but that may be to tricky.

16 Jun 2008 - 14:063614
This is cut and pasted from one of my costumes so forgive me if it doesnt make much sence just message back if you need more info

WOW What a Pain this cos was

It wouldnt have been possiable without the advice and inspiration from Mr James so thank you Mr James...

He told me how to make a bodycast on the cheep by wearing old clothes getting wrapped up in Ducktape & then got cut out. Then i repaires the cuts and stufferd the clothes With Newspaper and wrapped the cast in ling film.

I thne modded Longjohns and a longsleeved t shirt to be a tight fit on the cast i also added a zip in the back of the T Shirt. I painted the Lot in latex and then cut and shaped the foam and Latexed that to the clothes as well. Then Finally Latexed the whole lot and added acrillyc paint for colour...

What i forgot to do was seal the suit with Acryllic sealand and something else i forget the name of..

Because i didnt do this months later the suit was sticking to everything and pretty much destroyed its self

So i learnt 2 things from this

1) Dont forget the bloody sealant

2) I found a cheeper / quicker way of making muscle suits Basicallly you make your cast and use Lycra to make a one peice suit and Evo Stick The foam Peices directly on to it.. you then make a Lycra Over suit to go on top, it saves a lot of money on Latex and as its lycra its not as restricting to move in...

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