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13 Aug 2007 - 21:03142
Costume culmination
I realise what I will suggest may be a coding nightmare, however, I feel that it may well be very useful.

Basically, with so many of specific cosplays, and the possibilities of typos on the internet, I would find it extremely useful if you could choose, from a drop-down box, the following criteria when uploading a costume:

1. Format (Game/TV/Movie/etc)
2. Name of what the cosplay is from
3. Name of character
4. Variation (ie "Kingdom Hearts Cloud/FF7 Cloud)

These would then be searchable or browsable as the costumes are, however within these criteria.

I can see this has already been partly thought of, in the "Site Progress" page, so at least I'm not blurting out the absolutely impossible. ^_^

Of course, people cannot hope to point out every single character under the sun, so this would be, in theory, an ongoing project for moderation, with characters being added every now and again. Perhaps with a "Suggest a character addition" thread, along with simply an "Other" section in sections 2, 3 and 4 when uploading the costume, so an original character or simply lesser known one can be added.

Finally, Aerith and Aeris may need to link to the same characters. ^_^

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13 Aug 2007 - 22:41143
Dunno if you realized OZ, but as you type in names, the box actually has a small circle to see if it can match with any other entries to try and link up under the same 'type' as such.

For example, If i typed "Sailor Moon" - the search results could bring back "Sailormoon" or "Sailor moon R" - It's just a bit more free form.

- J://
14 Aug 2007 - 02:02144
Yeah it's kind of already designed to work this way, sort of. When people enter costumes we offer them a drop down list as they type of existing costumes and then internally we have a tag to tell us if the name has been moderated yet.

Once our back end moderation tools are fully working the moderator will be able to spot similar names that are misspelt and join them to one entry.

14 Aug 2007 - 06:27146
You are win.

I am lose. ^_^

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