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23 Oct 2010 - 16:2943488
Uhh. I'm coming from Newcastle and haven't heard of any problems O.O

25 Oct 2010 - 14:1043594

In the last few days TFL website have taken off most major works on our route. Make sure you check!

Only last week we had to change our plans because of work, now I have looked today and it has all gone. I am very confused. This may mean we can come though X3 which is good but very confusing.

Sorry for any worry caused.
Always check back and make sure your route is clear.
Have fun! hope to see everyone there!

25 Oct 2010 - 15:3043600
Just looked on the website and it appears there is good service on the central line and DLR which are the two lines I take
panic over (:

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