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17 Oct 2010 - 19:0043115
Room Available - MCM Expo
Hi all. MCM Expo is coming up and as you all know being Halloween Weekend, hotels prices are high, and rooms are booked to the max. Well fear not if you still want to go, but have nowhere to stay.

Due to other dropping out (or dropping off the face of the earth) we have room available at the Ibis Excel. This is the Ibis located at the bottom of the step from the Excel Center.

We ave room for 1 person, £75 for the whole weekend. Thats from Friday 29th Oct - Monday 1st Nov.

It may be a last minute problem, but these things sometimes help you to meet great peopple and make good friends, and have a good time.

So if your interested, feel free to contact us at:

London Excel Ibis
29th Oct - 1st Nov
£75 for the weekend

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22 Oct 2010 - 21:0843456

22 Oct 2010 - 21:3143467
hmm i was wondering since i have my room at custom from wednesday till the monday, im in custom house and charge £75 for the friday sat and sun nights at custom

you wanna drop that booking and come into my room?

(is it multiple people btw as i can fit one person in my room)

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23 Oct 2010 - 08:3443473
Hey im currently looking for ppl to stay in my room at ibis lol everyone has dropped out and i cant affoird it.
i was thinking of just cancleing the room and taking up an add for someone else room lol
can i have details on you room??? please coz i am very intersted =]
thankyou ^^

27 Oct 2010 - 15:0843748
Okay is any one still offering spaces? my partys just cancelled along with their room, was mainly looking for friday and saturday?

Yeahhhhhh......Where did my old account go XD....with like one cosplay of Resi 1 wesker XD
28 Oct 2010 - 02:4143783
DarkNoise is, email him.

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