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28 Oct 2010 - 11:0543794
Just need the brown faux fur and I'll be finished! Anyone know any London shops where I might be able to get some?

28 Oct 2010 - 11:1443795
sorta getting ready .....Orz
cosplaying Xion on sunday....
Got so much to do...
no shoes for a start...*fail*
the zip is not two way...great
wig still needs to be style...
contact lens....i need solution GAWD~

still packing up..wondering how am i going to fit everything in the suitcase so i can sell them in expo~

Attend October London MCM Expo xD fri-sun~~~

last day+2nd NewItems added
*SELL - OCT MCM ONLY* IMAGE HEAVY60+!!! - Cosplay Costumes+ Anime>(CD, Gashapon, Keyrings)~

28 Mar 2011 - 18:0953082
Bah I'm nowhere near ready 3 of my own cosplays to complete, my bfs to start and complete, props to make, my panel to prepare for and I'm preconning so losing a day already ¬.¬ brings the question of why am I procrastinating atm... xD it's all good if I can finish assignments on time I can finish cosplays on time! Looking forward to seeing everyone there xxx

www.facebook.com/toffee.marmalade.studio Facebook page

28 Mar 2011 - 18:5853086
Hell no, nowhere near ready!!! half my cosplays need work lol XD


28 Mar 2011 - 19:0553087
Anri: DONE
Deidara: Just got to sew on the corresponding poppers.
Quina: Got it mostly done. Quietly shitting myself as I still have no clue how to make the face

Ayacon Plans
28 Mar 2011 - 19:3653092
more or less done, just finishing the armor on Sango and i'm KITA-READY

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