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20 Oct 2010 - 09:1343275
I'm mostly ready,but I'm still waiting for my beret >.<

20 Oct 2010 - 09:5343276
haha im nowhere near started yet ! XD but hopefully a few all nighters and ill be done(my costume is quite simple; a shirt and apron lol)

20 Oct 2010 - 10:2743278
Mostly finished, got the main dress done and just a few finishing details on the accessories. Got my feathers coming this week so I'll get all the weekend and next week to do the wings and I'm all done!

20 Oct 2010 - 10:4243279
DERPPP im starting my cosutme today ;D lmao

20 Oct 2010 - 11:2543280
My Mum *Misplaced* my Jedi top so im either gonna have to find it or replace it or just start another one at least boots and Saber are on the way

20 Oct 2010 - 11:4143281
I'm not ready in the slightest D: Stupid Usopp dungarees are taking a million years to make. Basically I have to finished the majority of my costume bits before tomorrow night when my boyfriend arrives so we can work on his stuff - and that's even more nerve-wracking, have to finish EVERYTHING of his between thursday and saturday night. He's going as Samurai Ryuuma from the One Piece, and we still have to make his mask, make his kimono smaller so it fits him, add the detail onto it, style his wig, and make the obi from scratch D: wish me the most terrifying kind of luck.

I still have to finish my dungarees, make my boots and bag, finish my cape, and make my arm warmer. And that's without going into props D:

20 Oct 2010 - 12:4343286
I have to make a giant leek, buy black kneesocks, borrow my friends shoes, buy black plimsoles, brush out my Miku Hatsune wig -cries- and help my friend with her Haku Yowane cosplay. ^^'
And borrow some white trousers from someone, I have no idea where my pants for my Near cosplay went! DX

20 Oct 2010 - 13:2243290
Finished my last costume for expo today

20 Oct 2010 - 13:3143291
progress is going well on The Angel of death, tonight i will start to feather the wings.
Still need to -
finish dress
make cloak
paint head/torso


The Atwill Sisters
20 Oct 2010 - 13:3543292
I think this thread should have been named "ARE YOU READY GUYS?!"

But yeah, suddenly, MASSIVE progress in my costume

Thank you for kicking me into gear!

20 Oct 2010 - 13:3543293
I've started, but it's currently topless! Better make one this weekend XD

20 Oct 2010 - 14:4043297
Ahhh, I had it all ready, then on Saturday I ripped one of the straps so I'm going to have to sew that back on and finish making my gloves, :/

20 Oct 2010 - 15:1443301
I'm totaly ready but... Ho Ma God! tickets are still in post DX

I predict that the world will end at half past six. what i don't know is exactly when.
22 Oct 2010 - 08:1443399
Quote Zanaso Rymm:
I'm totaly ready but... Ho Ma God! tickets are still in post DX

i didnt think that they were posting tickets anymore. im pretty sure you are supposed to print them from you email after you have bought them.


The Atwill Sisters
22 Oct 2010 - 08:3243402
i have about 6 hours work left for mine :/

22 Oct 2010 - 08:3643405
Since I last posted on here ... I have a Bowser head Just need to sort out his claws ^_^

22 Oct 2010 - 08:4443407
One week, I'm excited

25 Oct 2010 - 08:2943572
eeeek! not long now.
i still need to -
finish feathering wings
finish dress
paint head/torso
make cloak


The Atwill Sisters

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25 Oct 2010 - 08:3843573
Almost done! 2 costumes ready, waiting for stuff in the mail for the third, supah-sekreet (but simple) costume. All I need to do now is figure out how to pack it all. Can't wait!

25 Oct 2010 - 09:0243575
Aaaah I've got so much to do!! I haven't quite finished the cleaver yet but it's mainly all painted. Wig needs to be cut and styled, jacket and trousers/shorts shouldn't take too long thank god the shirt is done or else I'd be in big trouble, just need it to arrive. Need to get train tickets plus shoes plus hairspray plus..I think that's about it >__<

25 Oct 2010 - 09:1043576
*flail* i need a mediumish colour green for a cosplay i wanted to do...but! i guess i'll stick with Bleach and a semi done Hibari...

25 Oct 2010 - 10:0843579
Very nearly finished! Both my cosplays are sorted, just got to do some alterations and finish off my boyfriend's cosplays and finish off my Ralts plushie and we're sorted x3

Was up all night sorting cosplay bits out T__T sleep deprivation is not good.

25 Oct 2010 - 11:2143581
I somehow decided it was a good idea to redo the majority of my Paine outfit on Saturday night! Spent all weekend on it, trying to make it fit and look better

Now... I dunno if the remake is gonna be finished in time! >.<

Why do I do these things to myself hahahaha!

25 Oct 2010 - 11:2543582
Quote JellyTheGreen:
One week, I'm excited

I cant wait either! its like xmas XD

25 Oct 2010 - 12:5543587
Not ready Not ready Not ready Not ready Not ready NOT READY!! ARGH!! And SO broke!

..but still excited!

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