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10 Jun 2008 - 19:453493
Magnacarta Group - October 2008 anyone?
Hey my glorious watchers and onlookers ~ Don a scene-wig, sing the Katamari song, Step on your PS2 and drop a 360 down the stairs ~ I have done all four of these things in the last few days and SOMEHOW I have kept my job at GAME! o_0

Anyway, more to the point if you are here then you know what Magnacarta is - and that is a miracle because its about as well-known as... how good chicken tastes with damson jam!

Anyway in celebration of this, would any of you lovelies care to do a Magnacarta group for one day of the October London MCM? I don't know which day so we'll have to take a vote!

Now... I'll be Reith ~ we have a Calintz for sure and I've seen a glorious Serina and Lehas around - but if you want to do those characters then thats totally fine!! ^-^ But variety would be welcomed as well <3

Would anyone be interested?


11 Jun 2008 - 20:023511
Ah... I think I have two costumes for October Expo already, and that's quite enough. But if my plans change I may join in ^_^ I have Lehas already done, but if I can find the right fabric (which is proving difficult) I'd like to do Eonis as well.

And my boyfriend HAS all the stuff he needs to make Calintz from PoA... he just hasn't yet!

11 Jun 2008 - 23:073513
I'd love to wear Serina again but it is very uncomfortable and I wouldn't be surprised if it fell apart next time I wore it XD so it's unlikely I'll be joining, I'm aftaid ^^; Plus I'm not even 100% certain I'll be going to Expo then.

So I demand another Serina! I want to see more Serina cosplayers, dammit! I don't care how annoying she is, her costume is pretty

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