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08 Oct 2010 - 15:1242545
Pullip Cosplay Costume Commissions
Pullip Cosplay Costume Commissions

Hello I'm looking into starting Pullip Cosplay and other Costume Commissions.
This is just a post to see if there are any people interested and I won't be starting commissions untill I have made a few cosplays to show.
As I am only starting out with these commissions, I will only be able to take 5 requests at a time and the first 3 will have free delivery!

I will first be starting to do very simple designs at around £12* for the full costume and extras.

Example 1 -will be for sale-:
Tohru Honda Uniform (Making in progress)
Uniform Top - £4.50
Uniform Skirt - £4.00
Ribbon & Socks - £1.50
Time making it and Materials - £2.00 - (they will be mostly machine sewed however some parts will be handsewed)

Example 2-for my own Pullip , however, I can remake for sale:

Mio Akiyama ("Don't Say Lazy" Ending dress)

Deliver to : UK only for now, I will ship to other places if I get interest

Made for : Pullip type 3 ( and type 4 after december) I will update if i am able to make for any other types/obitus.

Any questions feel free to reply here or PM me

If there are people who are interested then I may hold a waiting list till I open commission.
*will vary

London-Expo(Oct)- Setsuna & Kagura/North Star
Leeds-Thought Bubble(Nov)- Setsuna

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