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10 Jun 2008 - 13:373454
Black Undersuits
Hi Everybody.

For my Naked Snake/Big Boss costume I have in the works I am currently looking for something to go under my camouflage.

Not a big reference image I know but the best one I could find for now.

He has a black high neck under his shirt and then the sleeves. The material appears to be almost like rubber in appearance, but could be something like neoprene. Either way it looks thicker than a t-shirt.

I've seen a lot of people use tight nylon high necks, which would be a compromise I guess (I don't fancy wearing a scuba suit under a camo suit in August.

But the problem is I can't find *anything* for this. I can't even find a tight nylon high neck to customise! D:

The closest thing I could think of is by a pair of neoprene wrist sleeves and a neck seal, both used in scuba diving. However, this might lead to gaps or flesh showing through which would be rubbish.

Anybody found anything similar or know where to get them?

Pls Halp! D:

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10 Jun 2008 - 14:033460
I guess you've already tried sports/cycling shops for lycra gear? Or would that be completely unsuitable for your needs?

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10 Jun 2008 - 14:073461
^ - Yeah, all I could find were little girls ballet leotards.

Cycling stuff is always short sleeved, isn't a turtleneck, or has a pattern on it.

I'd take Lycra if I can't find anything suitable, but I kind of want something a bit thicker for the sleeves, it looks like something thicker than fabric but I am not sure what it is.

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13 Jun 2008 - 05:483539
go on then mark ill let you have the info that i needed lol, what you need is a top from underarmour, they are a sports tops that compress the body for better training and other stuff, what you realy need is the "coldgear" tops as they keep you cool but all i have found online and in shops is the "heatgear" tops whch keep you warm.

heres some picks http://sports.search.ebay.co.uk/under-armour_Mens-Clothes_W0QQfsopZ32QQsacatZ79757

you can also pic them up at jjb

hope that helps

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