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08 Oct 2010 - 00:2542513
Commissioner wanted; Klan Klein dress
hi there, I'm looking for a commissioner to make this dress for me here (Klan is the blue haired one in the middle) as well as the matching headband

It's the only reference pic i've been able to find of it so i have no idea what it should look like at the back so I'm quite happy to leave that up to the commissioner to decide what is best

No real budget but obviouslly would like the best deal possible

Time wise i'm pretty flexible as i have no planned event for it as of yet however it would be AMAZING if you could do it in time for auchinwa (mid november) but that's just wishful thinking

Thanks a lot in advance <3

06 Nov 2010 - 02:0144241
Hi! is it just the dress and headband you want making?

Do you have any specific fabrics you want it to be made of? i can check out fabric prices and then give you a quote on how much it would cost tomorrow if you like?

Pm if your interested.
i don't have many pictures of my final cosplays up at the moment due to my computer not working (i'm currently using my android phone) but theres a few cosplayers on here that can vouch for the quality of my final cosplays

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