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07 Oct 2010 - 00:0542398
Autumn Clean-out! Wearables/Games [and more~]
I need to buy new stuff, so I'm trying to getting rid of my old stuff! I do take (slightly) haggled offers, so if you think something's too pricey, give me an offer anyway~

Some things may shown with stock images/missing photos as my camera is currently being incredibly stupid, sorry about that! I should have photos uploaded soon.

P&P NOT included, will be combined if you buy multiple things. (: I will be at MCM at the end of the month, so if you want to arrange a pick-up to save on the money, that's fine by me.

I VASTLY prefer Paypal as a payment method, however if you don't have access to it, PM me and we can discuss a possible alternative.


C.C Cosplay (Jumpsuit) - £60 (ono)
Want to own your very own bondage nightmare cosplay? Well, here you go. (:

I will have photos of this up asap. I can only get really terrible quality photos using my laptop atm, but if you're interested anyway, I'll take some to show proof of ownership.

It's all handmade and whatnot, worn a few times but in brilliant condition.

Blue wig - SOLD!
Hero 100 Boots - SOLD!

Cat Hat - £5
Doogle says it's very warm and furry! Pompoms are uneven.

Woolly Eared Hoodie - £20
[front] [back]

I swear this is nowhere near as rumbled as the photo makes it look. *facepalm* Will get better photos up soon.

Picked up from Japan a few years ago, this is basically huge and ridiculously stretchy, will fit a small/medium with ease and could probably fit on a large. Will get measurements if needed.

Grey-striped Leg Warmers - £15
stock image

Thigh-high, trimmed with lace. Brought from Gobbolino(?). Excellent condition.

All are in good/working condition at least, work on PAL consoles unless noted. May be missing manuals, ask if you want specifics about the condition of each game~

[360] Lost Planet 2 - £12
[PS3] Enchanted Arms - £7
[PC/MAC] The Sims 3 - £18
[DS] Pokemon Heartgold - SOLD!
[360] Bayonetta - £12
[360] Dragon Age: Origins - £15
[PSP] Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness - £15

PSP - £75
[Photos pending]

Software: 5.50 GEN-B (basically, not official software. Hacked for homebrew and running games from memory stick - if you've got questions about this, please ask!).
A bit roughed up from age: it's a bit scratched up but not noticeable so.
Includes charger. I'll also offer a free game with this, ask if you're interested and I'll list what I've got~

Gameboy SP (Tribal) - £10
[Photos Pending]

Great condition. You can play all your gameboy (colour), as well as GBA, games on it!

Other Stuff
Princess Mononoke - £5
The Ring vol 1&2 [Manga] - £4
.hack// legend of the twilight - £1
2x Jack Skeleton Hairclips - £2
The Art of Spore - £2.50
Keyring Animals - £3 each
DS Charger - £3

Please PM me if you have any questions! Thanks for looking!

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11 Oct 2010 - 23:1842769
Hmm, I might be interested in the hoodie. How long is it? (if you say it's stretchy I'll believe you that it'll fit, but length is important =p)

And if I get that might also want the black spotty keyring animal....thing

Would pick up from expo


14 Oct 2010 - 10:0542892
How big is the CC outfit?

16 Oct 2010 - 00:4443016
PMs sent and answered. (:

16 Oct 2010 - 13:0743027
im interested in your sims 3 game...... is it all working and stuff, also will u be at expo at all for pick up and payment?

Oh i am ninja, he is ninja, we are ninja to.
16 Oct 2010 - 19:0743056
Sent you a PM, Rwylin!

24 Jan 2011 - 21:4549048
Are you still selling your PSP? If so, do you have any more pictures of it?

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