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05 Oct 2010 - 20:5442287
Cosplayers Everywhere!
I want to know if I've really seen you somewhere else on the web.
are you Photobucket searching, Shareing the love on Deiantart or hanging around on myspace, The google of life or the Cosplay.com~ers XD
where else have you been, Besides the island itself?
Tell us all your username of cosplay!

said the fox

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05 Oct 2010 - 21:1742290
Deviantart usually thats about it tbh.. i dont use any other cosplay sites i start to get confused oterwise!

05 Oct 2010 - 23:4542310
I tend to stick to dA (hoshi-kagami) and CI for cosplay, even though I like to comment on my progress on Twitter XD

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06 Oct 2010 - 12:1542329
Im Bangus everywhere i go bar Facebook where im Bangusx and Deviant art where im Bnag man

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06 Oct 2010 - 12:3342331
I'm pretty much everywhere. Always as Sephirayne.

06 Oct 2010 - 12:3642333
Always this name as well, so if you see a j_mercuryuk, it's me...unless some b**tard has stolen it


06 Oct 2010 - 12:4142334
I'm not on everything though usually I am 'Monkey' unless that username is taken. If that's the case like with deviantArt I'll use the name 'GoldenMochi' instead

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06 Oct 2010 - 13:1342337
Youtube I'm raspberry0nya... Deviantart I'm Raspberry-nya... Email is Raspberry_nya... FaceBook is Raspberry Blank. x'P

06 Oct 2010 - 13:4942341
I'm on DeviantArt, as Lady-Fuz-Lin.
It's a name I've used a lot in other places, so if you see Lady-Fuz-Lin on a forum or something, it's probably me.

Also used her on Rune Scape, Guild Wars, Fanfic.net, ummm can't remember any others lol but there is more XD

06 Oct 2010 - 14:2442347
im on ytub
peter97485 my chanel name
also on the colletormania glasgow 2010 cosplay video(guy in green kimono)cosplay scotland(facebook)too peter allen

06 Oct 2010 - 16:3542357
DA and youtube and most other places i am under the name Samstar1990 unless taken.....I am on one site as NekoMiku

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06 Oct 2010 - 16:5442358
I tend to stick to DA and CI really. Both names are DuskatNight. I do have a Cosplay.com account though I rarely go on it (also named DuskatNight), though I do have another which I don't use anymore. I also have a youtube account (face it, who doesn't? ) called Snowinground.
I do have Facebook, if anyone wants to add me on it, which holds some cosplay pictures on it, but none that aren't already somewhere on a website named above. :3

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06 Oct 2010 - 17:1842359
Let's see I'm on DA - FLUFFYSAMMANEKO , Twitter - NekoChan1987 , YouTube - nekochan1987 each of em I post up stuff in regards to cosplay progress ect ect ect. But I post most on the Island

06 Oct 2010 - 17:5642362
Well DA - gagaalienqueen, facebook chloe warb/alienqueen

08 Oct 2010 - 21:1342584
on dA and cosplay.com as LuciaDuvant thats me if you see it anywhere else too

but on YouTube I'm KadajAC2006

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