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04 Oct 2010 - 02:0642171
Marvel and DC Cosplay
I'm sure that everyone growing up probably had a favorite
Marvel or DC hero. I think everyone should have a hero growing up.

Why not tribute their character and cosplay them.
Who's your favorite Marvel or DC Hero?
Which version of that character would you like to cosplay? Do you think it would be really fun to be a hero for a day or two?

What, come on reply...What Are you waiting for?
a engraved invitation?

Courtesy of your freindly neighborhood Spider-Fan.

said the fox
04 Oct 2010 - 02:1242172

I'm sure you people will get a kick outta this, FruityKyu is not the one who created this.
I hadn't noticed I was signed into my sister's acount.
I created a forum without realizing I hadn't signed out of her profile. please excuse the mistake.

"You can't please one person without displeasing another."
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