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02 Oct 2010 - 07:2742056
Selling: Burgundy Gothic lolita dress set
Get it in time for Halloween! Price includes free worldwide shipping!

Asking price is 60.00 gbp.

It is a size small (size 4 woman`s) and is ready to ship as soon as it`s paid for.

Exact measurements are:
shoulders: 16 inches
chest 34 inches
waist: 30 inches
hips: free size

Inspired by a lost age of elegance and nobility waiting to be rekindled in this world.

This dress is 100% handmade by me. It is one of my most beloved original designs. (yes I designed it myself)

This lovely dress I make from Casa Red Satin and White Bridal Satin. The dress is fully linned and zips up in the back for a form fitting yet wrinkle free fit. Black lace hems the cuff line for the sleeves with 3 small gold buttons that decorate the sleeve sides. The white collar part is actually a separate piece that lays over the front of the dress and has a clasp on the back to close it.

The dress length varies depending on height but on the average female it comes well below the knees in the back and just below the knees in front.

This costume set comes with 3 pieces: The mini top hat which is decorated with cotton and various silk flowers (ties under the chin and has a small comb to steady it on your head) The dress and the collar.

I can only accept paypal, item takes about 2 weeks to ship from Tokyo. IF YOU WANT THIS BEFORE HALLOWEEN IT MUST BE BOUGHT BEFORE OCTOBER 11TH

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