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08 Jun 2008 - 10:533384
Hey everyone,

Just new to the site, planning a Hellboy costume as it should be relatively easy while still being a good challenge to a first-time cosplayer.

I need suggestions on a good, sturdy body paint that won't sweat off. Money isn't an object, within sensible limits, as I'm pretty much spending nothing on the other parts of the costume.

Thanks for your time!

08 Jun 2008 - 16:403397
snazaroo, iv used it cover my entire body for my jenova cosplay and it worked a treat!

its not expensive either and theres pretty much every shade of colour you need!

My God. Its full of stars
08 Jun 2008 - 17:403399
Thank you Sands.

I will try Snazaroo (great name, too).

09 Jun 2008 - 00:463418
If you find that Snazaroo doesn't cope with your sweat (because it's a water based facepaint - it's damn good stuff for an amazing price and unless you're sweating buckets you shouldn't need anything else) then have a look on eBay (or if you're in London, a shop called Charles Fox in Covent Garden) for something called 'greasepaint' or 'cream make up'

It's oil based so doesn't come off very easily. Just make sure you get some really good cleanser to remove it, and whatever you do SEAL IT with a powder or a special spray sealant, or else it'll rub off against everything.

Another option is Kryolan's 'Aquacolour Liquid' which is a bit more resistant than most water based makeup. Those living statues that you see on the streets often use this stuff.


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