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27 Sep 2010 - 17:1341704
What manga or anime do you love that seems underated or pretty much unknown?
I just seemed interested
I feel that the comdey manga Yankee-kun to Megane-chan seems very unknown, and personally i love it! Its comedy element is brilliant! and Amatsuki is one manga/anime that i love but also seems underatted! It's got awesome art and a great story (gotta love shinonome kon!)

Anyway rant away!

27 Sep 2010 - 17:2241705
I love dirty pair flash and Magic users club!

27 Sep 2010 - 18:0741716
I lovelovelove King of Thorn. It's darker than my usual stuff but I was so gripped that I'd read half of the first book before I left the store. It's been made into an anime film that will be out soon though, so hopefully it'll get more attention then 8D

28 Sep 2010 - 07:1941759
Gambling Emperor Legend Zero, my favorite manga, is quite unknown, sadly.
I also love Galaxy Express 999, Immortal Rain, Happy Mania, Deep Love and Sexy Commando, and I feel like Im very alone there. ;__;

.. also anything by Junji Ito. His manga's are genius, and it seems like nobody knows who he is.


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28 Sep 2010 - 07:2541760
Area 88, Pumpkin Scissors, The Galaxy Railways, and Last Exile

28 Sep 2010 - 07:2641761
Haibane Renmei

the artwork is gorgeous.

28 Sep 2010 - 08:1841763
Appleseed is my fave manga of all time... but hardly anyone knows of it..... (i could be wrong but the cosplays of deunan and bri no-one knew of lol)

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28 Sep 2010 - 08:1941764
Anything by Naoki Urasawa. I think 20th Century Boys and Pluto are relatively well-known but Monster is my favourite series of his, and I feel very alone in my love of it XD

Gunbuster - how I wish more people remembered that, it's arguably the finest mecha series ever made. Screw you, Gurren Lagann.

Ditto for Giant Robo, it's a fantastic mecha series, largely unremembered now.

Kaiba - probably the last anime series I saw that I was genuinely excited by. People get put off by the art style I think, it's very '60s/Tezuka in style, but it's a really intelligent, quite hard sci-fi series that's also really accessible. And it's designed to make you cry buckets. I love it so much.

Parasyte - not the best artwork I've ever seen in a manga but it's got a great story. There was supposed to be a live action movie in the works and Takashi Shimizu was apparently going to direct it, but it seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.

Quote Sora:
I love dirty pair flash and Magic users club!

Ahh! I have very fond memories of both of those series! Dirty Pair Flash was the first anime series I watched at my first ever anime con XD

I still listen to the ending song from Magic Users Club from time to time, it's such a lovely, peaceful song.

Cara bell', cara mia bella, mia bambina, o ciel!

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28 Sep 2010 - 09:2141769
Totally agree with all the old-school suggestions! Giant Robo, Gunbuster, Magic Users Club.

More recently I love Dragon Knights, but it seems really unpopular as it's always left in the sale section of shops. I think the bad cover art on the first few volumes is putting people off (promise it's better inside).

28 Sep 2010 - 09:3241771
Alice 19th! I love that manga yet no one seems to have heard of it!

28 Sep 2010 - 10:4141777
Quote TheEmoEmu:
Alice 19th! I love that manga yet no one seems to have heard of it!

Except for people who have, at some point, been ever so slightly obsessed with Yuu Watase =D

I love Beyond the Beyond, for reasons I can't seem to explain...

28 Sep 2010 - 15:1041780
Sola, its honestly one of my favourite anime lol

Kiddy Grade and True Tears are also anime I really enjoyed but don't seem to get much love XD

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28 Sep 2010 - 15:1541781
GODCHILD! Seriously, isn't recognized all that much and I love it!
I'll say Zombie Loan and Blood+ on some levels since anyone that I know hasn't heard of it.

28 Sep 2010 - 15:5741783
Strongly agree with Haibane Renmei and Beyond the beyond. Just looking at the art of BtB immediately got me buying the manga on Amazon! Haibane Renmei was recommended by a friend and I think I can see why he likes it.

I think Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu should be better known. I have gotten a few people into it. As for manga I would like to see better known is Rabbit Doubt! Its a survival game very much like those when you have to find the 'wolf' out of a seemingly innocent group of people. And theres Deadman Wonderland but thats seemingly getting more and more popular

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28 Sep 2010 - 16:3241786
I love loads of these manga/anime ^.^ Zombie loan and last exile in particular and Baka to test shoukanjuu but i must say Doubt is one of the strangest and slightly disturbing manga i've read.....But it hands down can't beat Uzumaki! now that is weird

28 Sep 2010 - 17:0141791

28 Sep 2010 - 17:0441792
I just finished The wallflower which is very little know with people I know, apart from a girl in Japan XD. Despite it being your typical shojo and rather repetitive I loved it, something about the story just had me hooked.

At the moment Im reading after school nightmare which is not only one of the creepiest manga ive read but one of the most compelling reads ive ever had, and yet ive found no one who knows of it.

28 Sep 2010 - 17:1541793
Agh man XD essentially all my favourites!

Combattler V
Tetsujin 28
Zambot 3

Getter Robo

also! I know she gets a certain amount of love but in my case not enough, Anything by Rumiko Takahashi

28 Sep 2010 - 17:4241798
Mirai Nikki!!!

28 Sep 2010 - 17:5441801
Outlaw Star.

So incredibly under-rated but it's up there with the best. Some of the greatest characters in any anime series.

Or if people have heard of it, they haven't bothered to watch it. Hopefully me and my friend cosplaying as Gene and Melfina at Auchinawa will make people aware of it's awesomeness.

And maybe Escaflowne.

The anime series, not the manga. The manga was awful. But yeah, another Toonami anime back in the day but I love it so much and hardly anyone I know has heard of it. D:

28 Sep 2010 - 18:0041802
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword! I love that series so much *_*

28 Sep 2010 - 18:2341805
Quote Hannah-Kiwii:
Quote TheEmoEmu:
Alice 19th! I love that manga yet no one seems to have heard of it!

Except for people who have, at some point, been ever so slightly obsessed with Yuu Watase =D

I love Beyond the Beyond, for reasons I can't seem to explain...

beyond the beyond!! i adore that one so wanna cosplay from it if i cud decide which of the three to do

28 Sep 2010 - 18:3341807
Quote NakedSalad:
Outlaw Star.
And maybe Escaflowne.

The anime series, not the manga.

I absolutely LOVE Escaflowne 8DD Its such an amazing anime.

I still need to watch Outlaw Star. I've been meaning to do that for years. The character designs look so great, and the story sounds awesome. I gotta check it out soon ø_ø


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28 Sep 2010 - 18:4441810
Ah~ I'd say..

~Jigoku Shoujo
~Doraemon (it's like, the most popular anime back in Thailand where I used to live but it's pretty much unknown here :O)
~Sergeant Keroro
~Pretty Cure
~Sugar Sugar Rune
~Peacemaker Kurogane

and here's one that's not an anime or manga but I think it should be cosplayed too (I'm considering cosplaying as one of the characters) ^__^


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28 Sep 2010 - 18:5341811
oh i love W.I.T.C.H and Bakugan!

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