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25 Sep 2010 - 17:2641493
Need a Miku Hatsune wig
Basically, I have no credit card to buy off the internet, so I was wondering if any of you lovely people would be willing to sell me a Miku wig if you have one?
I could collect at expo if needs be.

Just post a pic and a price and we'll see from there...

Edit: I'm looking for something this colour and length, or if you could buy it from the website I would love you forever.


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27 Sep 2010 - 19:2441727
I have one on here:

but it's probably the wrong colour although it was being sold as Miku wig never know though! lol. just let me know if your interested ^^

27 Sep 2010 - 21:2541741
It could work, could I trouble you for a couple more pictures, in bright light and normal light? And how long is it?

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