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23 Sep 2010 - 21:5941383
Painting plushies
I plan to cosply Sharon Rainsworth from Pandora Hearts and want to have a mini plushie of Eques along with me. What I plan to do is buy a white unicorn and dye it, would fabric paints be the way to go, or fabric dye?

24 Sep 2010 - 07:4141399
Do you know the sort of fabric the white plushie will be?
I have a feeling it'll be a fuzzy fur or fleece type fabric. In my opinion, I'd go for fabric dye, as that will attach to the fuzzy fabric easier.

If it's a smoother fabric, like some of the ty toys use (it's a sort of hologram jersey I think) then that won't be able to take the dye, so make sure the unicorn you do get has a fabric that'll be able to take the dye.

Hope this helps

29 Sep 2010 - 16:2641880
Bought "Wishful" the Beanie Baby and apparently it's made of 100% silk! Still pondering on what to do, as I want to dye its body black, but keep its tail and mane purple. Might just have to look at the directions for dye or paints.

29 Sep 2010 - 18:4641883
You could always try colouring it in with a black sharpie?


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30 Sep 2010 - 08:0341917
If it's silk, you can use Dylon fabric dye however, you can only use the hand-dye, not the machine dye. It's pretty simple, just follow the directions (and have loads of salt ready!) and then once the dye is ready-ish, then you can dunk the toy into it and leave it for the amount of time the instructions on the dye tell you to.

As for keeping the tail and mane, I'm not sure if there's something you can put in it to stop the dye effecting it.

Another option is to dye the whole thing purple, and then use black fabric paint to paint everything but the purple bits (I would suggest the other way round but then the hair would be a bit manky and that's not really nice)

One question: is the tail/mane fur? Or is it little bits of silk fabric?


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03 Oct 2010 - 19:2642137
When you tie dye something, you just wrap an elastic band around it really tight.
You could possibly cover the parts you don't want died in a plastic sandwich bag, and then tie an elastic band really tight around the bottom so that the dye doesn't get through...

I've no idea how effective this will be, it might be worth trying it on a bit of spare fabric?

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