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21 Sep 2010 - 18:1641224
Manga £2 plus more
I prefer paypal but open to other payment through the post.

Prices don't include postage

I am open to offers so if you like the idea of something give me a shount and we can work something out i really want to get rid of this stuff

I have photos of all of the stuff so if you want to see one just ask

Have Lowered the prices on stuff and added new stuff as well

bold = new stuff


3 Naruto Keys ring New saskau and 4th hokage £2.00 for both

Scrapped Princess figures, none come with the dvds or boxes because of the way i bought them -

Scrapped Princess Casull Pacifica http://myfigurecollection.net/figure/10291_casull_pacifica -big- £9


Princess Mononoke £3.00 ~great condition, original style cover not re-release~

Robotech Remastered extendeted edtion £1.00~r2~ im not even sure how i got this lol its pretty much new like the slip case has a little wear

Voltron Collection One Tin £1.00~r2~ im sure how i got this either pretty much new like

Pretear Vols 1-4 ~r2~ The discs have a few marks on each of them -was like when i brought them- but they play perfectly fine when i last watched them £10 for set

Manga- All Manga now £2 each i really really need the space

Fullmetal Alchemist Vols 1-2
Junjo Romantica Vol 4 -yaoi-
Captain Nemo vol 1
Scrapped Princess Vol 1 2
Aria Vol 1 2 -adv release-
Gravitation Vol 1
DragonBall Vols 1-4 ~little esge wear vol 4 has a slight spin crease-
Arm of Kannon Vol 1
Ghost Hun Vol 9 ~new it has a mark on the back were there was a sticker and its been pealed its taken some of the varnish type stuff off~
Chronciles of the cursed Sword Vols 1-5
Blood Suckers Vols 1-3
El Hazard Vols 1-2 Big Size not normal manga size
Gentlemen's Allicance Cross Vol 1
Inu Yasha Vol 3 ~original larger viz release~
Warriors of Tao Vols 1 and 3
Sokora Refuguess Vols 1 2
Fruits Basket Vols 1

Oh My Gooddess ~all in very good condition reads left to right~
Queen of vengeance
fourth goddess
mara strikes back
ninja master
terrible master urd
wrong number
devil in miss urd
miss keiichi
queen sayoko
hand in hand
love potion no. 9
sympathy for the devil
leader of the pack
final exam

Manga - rather sell as sets.
Wish Vol 1-4-complete- ~like new~ £11.00 for all 4 vols
Orphen Vol 1-6-complete- ~like new~ £22.00 for all 6 vols -oop and hard to find if you can there like £6+ a vol~

21 Sep 2010 - 20:5341242
how much p&p would it cost for the naruto keyrings cause i might be interested

22 Sep 2010 - 11:0941265
Quote dan-dan:
how much p&p would it cost for the naruto keyrings cause i might be interested

Let me find them and ill get back to you =3

22 Sep 2010 - 20:0641295

23 Sep 2010 - 12:3641334
hi there i found them there postage for them both is £1.80 i also just realise that the listing is wrong i must have deleted the wrong one when i sold the others

I have 2 and its the 4th hokage and Itachi

23 Sep 2010 - 18:4941355
would you be able to just the itachi keyring and if u can can u hold it for me until my ema comes

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