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18 Sep 2010 - 18:1740976
Plush Commissioner Wanted
Sorted in record time

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18 Sep 2010 - 18:1940977
I have no experience commisioning, but I have made a magnemite hat out of fleece and felt. If no one else comes forward, I'll be willing to give making a plushie a go ^^

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18 Sep 2010 - 20:3840984
Quote Leadmill:
Looking for an experienced commissioner for a plush project in time for London Expo. I'm after someone to make a plush Magnemite to compliment my gijinka project. PM for details.

My friend does alot great plushes and hats. It'll probably be best to message her or something, but you can find her stuff here: http://wilterdrose-cosplay.deviantart.com/gallery/

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18 Sep 2010 - 21:5240989
Thank you for your posts, however this has already been sorted in record time. Thank you nontheless

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