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17 Sep 2010 - 15:0040916
Short Light Brown Wig SOLD!!
I am selling a short light brown wig...Has only been worn to try it on.

I originaly bought the wig for a yuna costume but on recieving the item i realised it was a Yuna wig from final fantasy X-2. I wanted to try and use it but have now decided to sell it.

It would look nice for a yuna cosplay or anything else you may need it for

It is listed on ebay £15.00 free p&p

So take a look ^_^

Thank you x


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17 Sep 2010 - 19:2240931
Hi there!

Quick Question, is the wig made of a fibre that would straighten? Because I know Yuna's hair flicks out alot and I wouldn't be using it for her

17 Sep 2010 - 20:5140940
Ah that im not totally sure...The person i originaly bought it from never actually stated that in the description and i never asked as i didnt really mind the flicks..

Altho i did use straighters to try and flick out an extra bit..It didnt really do any damage...unlike some wigs ive tried it with and they frizzled to a crisp in a secand lol..But i only did a very small area and was very light...so i can not say for certain that you can do all of it...Lol i would say possibly but dont hold me to that haha just incase i am wrong sorry i am not much help lol.


27 Sep 2010 - 15:0741698
Short Light Brown Wig Now £10
Short Light Brown wig...Is now only £10 with free P&P.

Check out pictures and description on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260670101205

If you are interested but dont want to use ebay please feel free to message me XD

Thank you x


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