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16 Sep 2010 - 12:1140807
Card Captor Sakura {after a commissioner}
Hey there :3

Im after a quote please for making the apron ONLY for this battle costume: I lack the skills and time >>; If you cant find the bells for the end of the back bow I can supply my own :3

Preferably made of something like jersey cotton, cotton drill or peachskin {however welcome to your reccommendations!}

Willing to pay up to £30 pref £10-20
Im open to negotiations though!

If interested please reply with what youd use and a price :3 Message me if thats easier or post here

Referneces: {need more ask}

Recorded butterflies in the twilight. Sneak out the closet~♪

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06 Nov 2010 - 01:5244240
Nami-chan! i can make it for you! i'll let you know more over msn tomorrow if you like =) xx

08 Dec 2010 - 23:4446376
cotton jersey and peach skin wouldn't hold the sleeve ruffles very well. klona cotton would be good, stiffenned with a light weight iron on interfacing and the gathering should allow them to stand a bit


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