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04 Oct 2010 - 18:2642216
I think that constantly reposting the same stuff deliberatly to get comments might be a tad irritating, and possibly sad. But, the site is so big now that a posted coss'y is only up there for minutes, on a busy day, for seconds, and if you are proud of it you might desperatly want it noticed.
Perhaps we all need to make more comments, and let people, especialy the newbies and first timers, know they have been noticed.

07 Oct 2010 - 12:4042434
The only real issue I have with costume posts are "the secret cosplay"

WTF? What's the bloody point? I'm talking about the ones where it's lit. just a questionmark, they don't put up any pictures relating to it. I'm fine with the "Guess the cosplay" ones, when they put up hints of what it is and reveal it when someones guess is correct.

Ayacon Plans
08 Oct 2010 - 08:4942518
I never saw the point of comment harvesting on cosisland, half the comments on peoples costumes tend to responses by the cosplayer themselves anyway, making the notion they somehow denote popularity rather flawed.

08 Oct 2010 - 22:5742590
i only really lurk here but what irks me a lot is people who just rewear costumes, take a myspace angle shot and upload it 2000 times; sometimes i can go through the photos and see the same faces for the first half dozen pages; sure if it's a photoshoot then that's to be expected. But seeing someone in a Sora/L/Cloud/random character wig and their face at >9000 different angles is a pain and not interesting.
(it's different if it's a wig progress shot, I mean these people who shove on a wig and just take pics)
I myself have 1 or 2 headshots in my miniscule gallery but that's usually just showing off a wig and when i get a chance, i'll get pictures of the actual costume (no cons so far this year).

I don't mind casual!variants of a character as long as some thought has been put into it.
Shoving on your skinny jeans, a hoodie and holding hand with your friend who is also wearing the same outfit and say you are casual Sora and Riku yaoi bishies is lazy.

And putting on a tutu, an OTT frilly blouse and white makeup with a spiky red wig and calling it lolita!Axel is equally annoying (and not just for the genderbending fanserviceness....)

At least take some time to research your variant; learn about the style, the guidelines, look at examples of the fashion and get that right first.
Then figure out how you can design it to suit your character. Eg for Axel, at least design a skirt or JSK that would fit his style eg. a black skirt with his weapons printed around the bottom in red.
Don't just shove on whatever crap you can find that resembles something like what you're attempting.....

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