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14 Sep 2010 - 09:2140640
Anyone know where to get pandora hearts cosplay?
Hi, I'm trying to find a Jack Vessalius cosplay online but it's proving very tricky - anyone know any reliable sites that sell it or commisioners? I wanted to make it but due to time and other costumes, will probbaly be buying it for kita.
Thanks for any help!

EDIT: IGNORE THE ABOVE, its all good i found something!


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23 Sep 2010 - 21:5641382
I've been searching around for a Sharin Rainsworth, so you're in luck that I've had a scout around for Pandora Hearts outfits.

This website has been rather useful and takes you to some ebay links that you might not have crossed over. As ever, buying costumes is rather expensive. The Jack Vessalius costume is pretty pricey, but not sure what your budget would be.




23 Sep 2010 - 22:0841384
I've been searching for a decent Rufus Barma cosplay but can never find one X3

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