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11 Sep 2010 - 01:4440425
SELLING - Alto Wig
Hey everybody,

I'm clearing out a lot of my cosplay stuff and I thought it was worth putting this up.

I'm selling the wig I commissioned for my Alto costume. It's a high quality custom wig, made from two expensive cyperous(sp?) wigs.

It's in great condition and I've only worn it once.

It's a little small on me (head wise) so would probably fit a girl's head (I have a fat head) just fine and quite comfortably. It has a hair clip built into the front to help secure it to my head but this could be removed.

It also includes a red hair-tie.

The best photos of the wig are the ones on my CI profile here;


I paid about £80 in total for the wigs and commission hours but I would only be looking for £30-£40 (that includes P&P) for it.

For anybody wanting to do an Alto costume, or a character with a similar haircut, it's a great wig and pretty good value for money I think (the cheaper ones tend to need a lot of re-styling and have clip on ponytails)

Anyway, I won't try go on about it. If you're genuinely interested then drop me an email or PM and I'll get back to you.


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