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07 Oct 2010 - 22:4142507
yes there a lot of cosplayers I inspire to but as a skit maker there one gourp i inspire to and is team giblets, just to be in the same omake as then at amecon was a geart montent in a way I fill the colonel is a huge nod to that man

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08 Oct 2010 - 11:4942530
Quote Pez:
At the risk of sounding extremely suck-up-ish, can I add these people to the list: CI mods, and event organisers and helpers like Orihime, Ilpala... *insert a long list of wonderful names here*

You guys don't just make great cosplays, you make cosplay great. You lead by example and you are inspirational. <3

*nods* I so agree. They do make cosplay awesome. Also they are amazing people for doing all this in they're free time.

08 Oct 2010 - 12:3142532
Fables She never lets things bother her about herself, even if someone is mean to her out of cosplay, she always just loses herself in the character and always looks happy She always has kind words for people even when there are non for her. its a really refreshing attitutde to have and she is a pleasure to cosplay with ^^

Plus her costumes ROCK and she is always uber cute in em ^^

ok sickly sweet rant over


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08 Oct 2010 - 23:1542594
Well for me there a few tbh, generally All my cosplaying friends but there are a few specifics.

Ryukredapples, since after all it's thanks to him I'm here! A really talented cospalyer who always follows his ideas through with great results.

Fishyfins, for actually introducing me to the hobby and showing me what's what, being generally awesome at cosplay but still being humble about it!

LittleGeeky, for being so generally nice, as well as encouraging, despite the fact that she has way more talent than she gives herself credit for, in both cosplay making and photography.

And finally ViewtifulD, MissBidoof, HPrestige, terandir, kim and iggie for showing me how to really have an awsome time at a con!

09 Oct 2010 - 02:5642596
JakeX - Because he cosplays the characters that are amazing but so under cosplayed. He also has amazing skill which is shown in his moomba and blanka(which are my favs ^_^)


30 Nov 2010 - 00:0345880
When I started I was amazed and inspired by the work of the guy who cosplayed Ifrit at London Expo,(don't thin k he's on this site), defrain (especially for his work with armour which I thought looked amazing and inspirational) and Sands (especially for her work on aeons).
I'm not putting their names on here just because they're my friends because I haven't become friends with any of them. But I really admire their efforts.

30 Nov 2010 - 10:1745885
The Ifrit cosplayer is known as Tamaska, although not on CI he might be floating around

Katsu no wa Hyotei~♥
30 Nov 2010 - 10:5945887
Adamoluna.....my mind is contantly blown....

Also Yuka has been a massive inspiration to me as I have her on home ground XD

and K-A-N-A .....why are you so pretty and awesome ;_;

01 Dec 2010 - 12:1445932
It's not something I think of too much but probably;
Popsimgirl just because of the perseverance and confidence she has in cosplay making. I hope I can catch up! She also seems to pull off everything flawlessly which is enviable.

K-A-N-A another one that pulls off everything flawlessly. I adore her pretty and cute make-up and can only hope to someday be that adorable in cosplay.

miiol Again for make-up and that includes gore make-up, it looks so realistic! Also looks great in pretty much everything.

Also would say something about MoonLily but she'd never let me live that down. She knows what I mean.
(Pssst I admire her perseverance and cosplay-making abilities!)

All in all anyone who can make a cosplay work to the best of their advantages is admirable to me.

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01 Dec 2010 - 16:1945941
hmm I have to say there are alot of cosplayers who inspire me but I don't know who they are (I usually see them in passing at masqs and such and think *wow I wish I could pull that off as well as them* there are some seriously mind blowing cosplayers out there .. but I'm usually too shy to tell them in person.

Okay just to name a few of my fav inspirations: Missy Tetra, Gaming_Goddess, Sephirayne, Lozzie, Fishyfins, Jeff_Kamiki_Jurai .. so some of these are my friends or we've cosplayed together or I've said about 5words to them lol but they have inspired me so much and still continue to do so.

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01 Dec 2010 - 17:0845944
Quote Fishyfins:
SJbonner, Leadmill, Juggernaught, Alias.com, and all the other Valkyrie crew. They all do such amazing work, and their steampunk stuff really does define the genre for me. these guys have more than earned my respect and admiration! lovely people to talk to as well ^^

I just wanted to say thank you. I didn't expect a mention here and...to be honest I don't feel like I deserve a mention but thank you. I'm sure the crew won't mind me thanking you on their behalf either!

People who inspire me,
Alias.com, Juggern0ught, Leadmill, LittleGeeky, Leonie Heartily, Ryukredapples, Sands, Monkey, Sephnoir, Ilpala, Adamoluna, Keekal, Tak, Fatkraken, Moonlily, MangaChild, HelloKitty, Demented Kid, Delusional and Silantre to name a few.

But generally, people who say nice things to me when I cosplay, people who make conventions a fun place to be and people who make amazing costumes which blow me away every convention I attend. Thank you all!

CosplayIsland Staff Member

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02 Dec 2010 - 16:4446024
Quote sjbonnar:

People who inspire me,
Alias.com, Juggern0ught, Leadmill, LittleGeeky, Leonie Heartily, Ryukredapples, Sands, Monkey, Sephnoir, Ilpala, Adamoluna, Keekal, Tak, Fatkraken, Moonlily, MangaChild, HelloKitty, Demented Kid, Delusional and Silantre to name a few.

Ooo my first mention, thank you hun ^^ Not sure I deserve it though.

02 Dec 2010 - 16:5546027
I have thought about this as there are many great cosplayers out there but I will have to say that these people are the people I can't wait to see what they upload as their work is always amazing:

Tif9123 - Brilliant outfits and sooo friendly
Leonie Heartilly - Beautiful outfits
FusionRose - Lovely outfits
LuluRose - Amazing wigs and helpful, friendly ^_^
Demented Kid - love their Kuja cosplays sooo much
FairyPorchQueen - Outfits are just amazing...and made really well
letmelive - Great person...sooo friendly and great outfits
Littlerascal92 - loves their Kagura ^_^
FFGamerGirl - great outfits and friendly ^_^

I may have missed people and if I have Im sorry...please let me know...but these people are friendly and have amazing skills...I hope to be that good in the future

02 Dec 2010 - 18:3146028
Quote RinoaHeartilly:

Tif9123 - Brilliant outfits and sooo friendly

Nawww thank you so much hun, that means a lot to me, so lovely of you to say <3


02 Dec 2010 - 19:1346033
Quote RinoaHeartilly:

Leonie Heartilly - Beautiful outfits

Thank you ^^

02 Dec 2010 - 19:1946035
@Tif9123 and Leonie Heartilly

No problem...you both deserve it...your both amazing cosplayers and friendly too ^_^


06 Dec 2010 - 19:3646269
Quote FuriePhoenix:
GunstarVixen and FairyPorchQueen truly inspire me all the time! They really make me want to learn more and attempt costumes I would normally just be like "that's too complicated for me.. ill never do it".

Actually, if it wasn't for FairyPorchQueen giving me some advice about Ariel's mermaid's form I wouldn't have decided to make it for myself! So mega kudos and thanks to her.

I also get alot of inspiration from my friend NightmareWings!

Aww thanks hunny!

Now for me hmm...well of coruse FuriePhoneix her songstress Yuna made me want to do Lenne.

Tif9123 - Well what can I say? She does amazing work and I just love how she is when it comes to cosplay.

Pez - I love her so much! Her outfits are just....WOW!

SlimDefinition - Her armour and outfits are out of this world.

I have loads of people that inspire me, alot of them have already been said on here.

I think everyone is good in their own ways.

06 Dec 2010 - 20:1046272
Quote RinoaHeartilly:
Littlerascal92 - loves their Kagura ^_^

Wow! Thank you very much

London-Expo(Oct)- Setsuna & Kagura/North Star
Leeds-Thought Bubble(Nov)- Setsuna
06 Dec 2010 - 21:0746274
Quote RinoaHeartilly:

FairyPorchQueen - Outfits are just amazing...and made really well

Aww thank you so much thats a very sweet thing to say!

~~If You'll Be My Star, I'll Be Your Sky~~
09 Dec 2010 - 23:3346416
Woah, I've been so busy I've been away from CI for aaaages and completely missed this, what a lovely thread!!!

Quote Sephirayne:
Sonia Leong, for managing to put together such amazing costumes for which she always looks so sexy in. Still love her Isaak.

Kyyaaaaaa ♥ You sweetie

To be honest, sooooo many people on here are not just brilliant cosplayers, but incredibly encouraging -

It really isn't just about being inspired by the beautiful creations that other people make, but also the sense of community, where everyone is cheering you on to do your best and recognises the effort you put in. That is inspiration, energy and drive to create, RIGHT THERE.

I think that everyone I wanted to name has seriously already been mentioned XD Maybe I should just copypasta EVERYONE on my friends list and a good bunch more on top (because DAMN YOU ALL, you're so FRIGGIN' good at cosplaying, I CAN'T EVEN RECOGNISE WHO YOU ARE SOMETIMES).

But yeah, the ones I talk to or read up on the most, who I think are particularly gorgeous, talented and helpful are (in no particular order) Sephirayne, Tab, Kimpey, Kuma, Scarlett, Ellie, Jibsy, Kit, Fez, Keekal, Leena, James, Jake, Lex, Mark, Uni, Granny, Ailsa, Louise, Karen, Shenny, Odango, Kaman, Priscilla, Natasha, Dan, Nert, Andy, Liz, and I KNOW I'm mixing real names and tagnames (but you should know who you are, my lovelies) AND I'M MISSING OUT LOADS DON'T HATE ME


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