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05 Sep 2010 - 20:4740053
I recently bought a binder from www.t-kingdom.com and when it arrived I tried it on and it is too big Right now I'm not too sure if I want to sell it depends on how many people are interested.
Model 690
Size Medium (!IMPORTANT! check your size properly this is why it doesn't fit me)
Tried on once
In a pull-over style with velcro at one side.

I don't no how much it will cost to post but I'll deal with that if anyone wants it. Also I'm open to offers within reason. I open to trades aswell

Thankyou and if anyone desires pictures I will put them up asap

PS. If you visit the site search the model 690 and they have on that site all the info you need x

Edit- This item has already been taken just to save confusement

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