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03 Sep 2010 - 02:2339857
How much does it cost you to get too and from London and how do you do it?
Just curious, for me it's about £16-£20 dependant on time of travel or free if I can hitch a lift on very rare occassions.


03 Sep 2010 - 02:4239859
By train it's a £36 return pretty much all the time from southampton. This is because of commuters so there are no cheap fees.

By coach I can get there for £10 return if I pick the right times.

03 Sep 2010 - 02:4839860
Damn expensive from Manchester

I'm not sure in terms of advance booking or exact rates
considering everything I've tried the difference in price is huge.

But last time it was about 60+ pounds return on the train
Coach varies the max being around 35 pound return

Lately I've been having to get the coach XD

03 Sep 2010 - 02:5439861
From Braintree Essex £22 return by train -__-

That or driving down to Epping (40mins) and just paying for all zone ticket £7.50 from the end of the central line

We give thanks to this tasy meal.

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03 Sep 2010 - 06:4039862
From here (Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire) i just buy a 1 day travelcard which costs me about £15-20 and that gets me all around london!

Alternatively i buy a return to kings cross (£13) and use my Oyster Card around london.
Depending on how i have planned my day sometimes the secound is cheaper or both may match ^^

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03 Sep 2010 - 07:2139863
from torbay, its about betweem £35-over £100 depending on how u wanna travel there and back, the £35 is the cheap trains and the over £100 is the costly trains in first class lol.
can get the coach for about £10 there and back tho.
i usualy get the cheep trains.
I do sometimes get first class on the costly trains for £5 there and £5 back (its good to have friends who work on the trains)

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03 Sep 2010 - 07:2339864
I live in London so getting around is about £6:30. That's a day travelcard for zones 1-4.

03 Sep 2010 - 07:2539865
It usually costs me round bouts 40 squid all round inscluding what's on me oyster card. However this time round the cosplay I'm making is quite large so I may have to rent out my dad and his van for the friday and monday for traveling too and from expo. Trains and the general public are NOT cosplay friendly or considerate of other peoples belongings whilst traveling =.=*

03 Sep 2010 - 08:3339868
Last trip to london i remember it cost me around £7 return from cardiff :'D even though its not the most comfortable and our bus ...side mirror flew off~ i love mega bus xD

train for some reason costs stupid amount~ £40+ when i last checked~ so I stick with the uncomfortable..and kinda dangerous bus xDD

03 Sep 2010 - 09:5639871
about £14 return from brighton! Or if I book online about £7ish return

03 Sep 2010 - 10:0239873
I live in York. and it depends when you book, what you book and how you book.

If you go on the day it'll always be more expensive really. Buying a ticket at the station I mean.

An open return to London kings cross from York is about £60 for us, though it can be brought down a bit depending on when you book.

I can get it cheaper with specific trains and times and such but with London......you're almost always guranteed a delay (well I've always had one with London) so alot of the time my specific time train has left before Iv'e got there or somethings broken down and I'm stuck on a train in the middle of nowhere for an hour...... and then you try and explain this to the guard and they wont have any of it so then you're stuck in a que for half an hour to argue with someone who you cant hear through the perspex sheet about how it certainly isn't your fault because of x,y and z. To only be told....tuff and you have to pay extra now anyway.

So alot of the time......I go with an open return just so I don't have to worry.

I should also mention. I do infact have a rail card. 16-25 whatsit. The £60 from York to London open return is including the railcard.

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03 Sep 2010 - 10:1039874
I already have an annual train ticket that covers part of my journey, so a return to London costs about £10 because I also get 1/3 off by showing my annual train ticket!

Which reminds me, if anyone is on the Network Rail area but is too old for a 16-25 railcard, it might pay to get a Network Railcard. http://www.railcard.co.uk/network It works a bit like a 16-25 railcard but there are a bit more restrictions as to what time you can take the train and it's only valid for routes within network rail (see website). But it might still be a good deal if you travel a lot.

ALSO. If you know someone who has an annual train ticket (like me), get them to go with you to the train station when you get your Network Railcard, because that'll allow you to get the railcard for just £1. I'm not kidding. I've done that for my girlfriend and my dad! http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/times_fares/season_tickets/goldcard.html

03 Sep 2010 - 10:3539876
i live in Hull, and for us, its usually £60+ for an open return to london. this is if you book weeks in advance. rises to at least £120 return (sometimes has been nearly £200) if you buy on the day.
of course this doesnt include any railcards you may have, and is solely tickets bought from the stations own ticket office, so obviously you can get cheaper by shopping around online, but still the cheaepst i have found is about £50, and that was 2 weeks in advance.

so me and my friends have taken to traveling to london on the megabus, which is a £20 return XD

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03 Sep 2010 - 10:4339877
I pay around £60-70 for flights from Glasgow if I book a few months in advance, plus ~£10 for travel from the airport. It comes to around the same price (including the railcard discount) for the train down. Flights to London city (if I want to get to expo promptly) are more since those have to be through BA, not easyjet.

03 Sep 2010 - 11:2939881
Quote GoldieNeko:
Trains and the general public are NOT cosplay friendly or considerate of other peoples belongings whilst traveling =.=*

Amen! *RIP Yuna's petals*

Depends what route I take, last October I went from Portsmouth to London, which was around £10-20 return (I asked for the DLR and tube to be added onto the ticket as well when buying it) but in May I stayed with my friends the Thursday night and the Friday a bunch of us got group return tickets from Durrington to London. I think they cost more though

This october will depend on whether I have uni lectures beforehand and what mode of transport my group of friends will be doing.

03 Sep 2010 - 11:3039883
I come down from birmingham, and get the london-midland service from snow-hill station, and it currently only costs £20 for a return ticket (Off-peak)

Then I usually just get a day ticket at Marylebone station (£5.60?) for going around london on friday.

Better then going birminham new-street to euston, as they seem to start from around £30 unless you buy an advance ticket.

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03 Sep 2010 - 13:3539896
Another one from Braintree in Essex. I'm about an hour away from Liverpool Street and I pay £14 for an all-day travelcard (includes most underground zones and the DLR) using my 16-25 Railcard.

03 Sep 2010 - 14:0539900
£2 because I am under 16 ^.^ That pretty much gets me to any part of London I would want to go

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03 Sep 2010 - 14:5139907
On the train from Nottingham it costs me around £5 as i'm a child and i have a railcard thing.
On the bus from Nottingham it's from £2-£20 depending on when we book. My dad now drives us down for expo as he stays in his campervan so i dont know how much the petrol costs him.

03 Sep 2010 - 15:0639908
Urghhhh. An off-peak return costs £59.70. Two singles costs roughly £32.50 or something. And that just takes us to Paddington, if we were to go shopping or something or go to Expo then it would cost a further £6.30 for a travelcard.

Usually we take the coach up which is a £16 day return or £20 for an anytime return (but you do need to book the specific dates). So we usually travel by coach which takes us to Hammersmith and buy a travelcard which is £6.30 more. Not as bad as train :'D

Wish Taunton had a Megabus, would be even more cost saving then *_* Our closest one is in either Exeter or Bristol and it costs quite a bit to get there so there's no point XD

P.S. I live in Taunton, all the information is from Taunton. I may have failed to mention that until that last sentence which isn't 100% clear XD

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03 Sep 2010 - 16:4139914
Me and my brother have a deal... I pay for the hotel, he pays for the travel. Therefore I'm not quite sure how much he pays for us both XD But since I pay for the hotel AND the expo tickets, it must be somewhere in the £80-100 region. Thats the train that is, he pefers the train >_> That's from Taunton to London Paddington.

03 Sep 2010 - 20:2639929
With me it entirely depends on when I book.
If I book EARLY, as in as soon as advance tickets become available I can get a train to London and back for £38, this is if I travel on a Wednesday which is cheapest and make use of my railcard...
Book on other days it goes up to around £50.
If however I want to book short notice, the advance trains disappear and travel suddenly goes to around something retarded like £160 from Aberdeen by train.
So I end up flying with someone like Easy Jet for around £80.
However if I suddenly go mad... as in think I'm a lemon, mad I can always do Megabus for £20... never again... ever... the plane is worth the money...

03 Sep 2010 - 20:2739930
King's Lynn -> King's Cross = £45 Return
King's Lynn -> Epsom = £36

For those that don't know, Epsom is further away from Kings Lynn than Kings Cross and you even have to change trains to get there! But for some reason it's £10 cheaper lol

THEN with my rail card it's £25.50 ^^

In London it costs about £8 with a group of four to get a taxi to the hotel.

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03 Sep 2010 - 21:2339933
For me, I got the Megabus last time I went and it was about £14 Return, per person. Not too shabby We're doing it again for october!
Then we just buy those £5 a day underground tickets that are like, zone 1&2 only. Usually gets us where we need to be ^^,

Forgot to say, I go from Hull :3 Ooops!


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08 Sep 2010 - 12:4840215
Approx. 100 euros one-way plus the cost of traveling within London, but that's because I'm coming from Maastricht. It's not a trip we can afford to do very often.

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