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27 Aug 2010 - 22:1339436
Artistic input needed.....
So, I've finally got a cosplay I can start work on even though I'm broke - my first- but because it's a character from a book it's rather open to interpretation. I've figured out how to make the armour I'd need but the character in question wears a mask.

Character bckground.

From a series called "Malazan- The book of the fallen" I'm cosplaying a 'seguleh' - warrior caste, that are ranked 1 - 1000 and their mask reflects their rank, less markings the higher there rank, ruled by a legendary plain masked warrior. I'm going as Thurule who has 11 marks on his mask to signify rank 11 (duh) on a plain white porcelain mask.


So basically I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to scribble down some marks on the images provided - not sure which style to go for yet but pick either, or if you don't like, another. The colour is supposed to be either red, black, brown or combination- swirls, lines, shapes, whatever as long as there are 11.


example .....

Would greatly appreciate any help.

08 Sep 2010 - 19:4640247
i think you'd need to explain what kind of fantasy these novels are and the kind of culture these seguleh come from. For example if it's your bog standard tolkein type world then i think you'd want to research celtic fabrics and jewellery or even look at knotwork. If you can't quite pinpoint it then find out what inspired the author. I did punch into deviant art "malazan seguleh" and i got a very small number of results but you could maybe see what other artists have come up with. I'm sure you'd be happier if you got inspiration from people who have actually read the novels? I hope this has given you a few ideas!

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08 Sep 2010 - 20:0540251
Awesome, The Malazan books are my boyfriends favourite books! Its great to see someone doing something from a book! You can really go wild with your own interpretation.

I'm gonna send him a link to this post. He may have some helpful input!

Good luck!

08 Sep 2010 - 20:4540256
cheers for linking me alyx ^^

firstly...well done mate...best high fantasy novels ever. Seeing you taking this idea up makes me want to cosplay Gruntle...

secondly, i've allways pictured the seguleh mask as a mixture between tribal asian and japanese noh masks/face paint.
the seguleh being a warrior culture it seemed to fit in well. so maybe look into that

i often visually accosiated the stance and the movement and garb of the seguleh, as that of kin to Princess mononoke. guessing you've seen it, and if not...worth a watch.

included some quick lil rough-ups of wat popped into my head...apologise for the lack of PS skill - i has none.

again kudos for the idea.
good luck on this mate...i personally want to see you do this.

09 Sep 2010 - 21:1440336
Wooh! Some replies Thought I was going to have to go it alone.

Georgi - 'fraid there isn't much info on the Seguleh. Their culture isn't explained much but basically they dedicate their lives to battle in a way that would make a samurai look lethargic. To preserve their integrity as warriors they can challenge another seguleh even in the midst of battle with a forign invader i.e. if they see any mistake in stance or skill that could suggest weakness. The battles aren't normally fought to the death as there is no need and are normally judged, if they occur on home territory, by the higher ranks and can be interpreted as a loss if one fails to take advantage of an opening. Their fighting style is described as surgical cuts instead of stabs and slashes, similar to the stikes of dim mak. Thanks for the celtic idea, will have to see if anything jumps out at me. Didn't prefer designs from someone who read the books as they aren't really described that much.

Thanks Alyx for the well wishes and for putting your bf onto the thread

Itami - I'd say you're probably right but would argue there are a couple that could compete for that title e.g. Chronicals of the Black Company or Song of Ice and Fire, then Wheel of Time even though the writing isn't as good the plot competes. While I've been making the weapons and mask I was thinking who else and Gruntle came to mind - you should do it man, he's awesome, bet his cutlass' would be fun to make too. I thought I might try a regular Malazan like Fiddler but then started thinking about it and there are so many charcters that'd be awesome. The Rope would be pretty cool mainly for his weapon, Karsa Orlong is my next one I think - was gonna try to make the Deragoth heads and attach two chains to my belt dragging them and the face tattoo would be sweet, then there's always Dasam Ultor, Kallor, the 2nd, Iron Bars or Skinner ..... SO many. Let's not forget Coltaine who'd be my next pick if I could afford to buy that many feathers to make his coat.
Seriously though you should so go as Gruntle ..... not sure what you'd do about his soultaken/d'ivers form though : P

Thanks for the sketches man, I like the style and will do something similar - although I'm thinking aysymmetrical. I'm posting pics of the mask and first sword so far tomorrow and will keep updating as I go along.

p.s. DO GRUTLE! He's awesome!

edit - forgot to mention, had an idea a couple days ago that would hint to fans of the malazan series who I was cosplaying. I was going to put a kiss on the mask in lipstick - from Lady Envy. What do you think.....


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09 Sep 2010 - 22:4440346
yes with the lady envy reference!!!

09 Sep 2010 - 23:1840349
So when you planning on cosplaying this for? and where? wouldnt mind doing Gruntle...or Mappo Runt.

Also, wheel of time was an epic read...only problem was i read them till 10...and read too many other things before 11 came out, fear i must have to re-read the lot before i can finally finish the series. also if you after another good read check out John Marcos 'Jackel of Nar' trilogy.

looking forward to seeing your progress mate.


09 Sep 2010 - 23:3540352
Glad you like the reference man - just hope someone gets it.

The plan was for Oct MCM but I've been sacked twice since I planned that -well 'end of assignment' as I was agency, didn't do anything wrong or anything, just 'let go'- but I've got yet another new job so I'm going for Amecon in Feb if nothing pops up sooner that I've got the cash for. Mappo would be an excellent cosplay but really difficult with the tusks and hairyness and what not. I'd be tempted to go as Icarium to match you though

Had the same thing with WoT but I just skim read 10 to remind myself and re-read the last 3 or 4 chapters, not ideal but it worked. 12th is coming out in November, prebooked it I'll add Jackal of Nar to the wish list man, bought a load recently including a few fantasy so I'll let you know if I stumble on any gems. If you've not read them try the ones recommended above and 'The Blade Itself' Joe Abercombie and 'Legend' by David Gemmel but don't read the sequels as it's just the exact same books; unless you love the charcter of course. You might also like Conn Iggulden's work as well, not fantasy but historic fiction - Ghengis Khan and Julius Ceaser's lives from childhood, both series are really good and same feel to fantasy.

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