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27 Aug 2010 - 16:5739403
My friend asked me for help on where to begin (as in, where to go and what to get etc etc.) when turning her eyebrows a different colour, and I felt bad cz I haven't done that before so couldn't help, so I said I would post up here and ask if anyone else could help :3
She will be cosplaying as Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier so she wants to make them green, and her eyebrows now are dark... anyone here able to help out? c:

27 Aug 2010 - 17:0839404
For Bulma, I just used a colour eyeliner pencil. I have quite dark eyebrows too and it covered it really well =)

27 Aug 2010 - 17:3839405
I also used coloured eye pencil for my vapoereon and lightining cosplays and it wont stain your skin and comes off easy with makeup remover

you could also use face paints but they could melt off if its to warm

27 Aug 2010 - 17:3939406
A really good method I've tried - using a paint brush spread WASHABLE pva glue over your eyebrows - making sure to cover a bit around the brow to to allow shaping.

Let it dry - leaving a sort of thin crusty layer. Then use normal paints - I used acrylic. and paint the eye brow on in what ever colour you want.

This works amazingly well. To remove it you can use a tissue/facial wipe/flannel and some water. Hot/Cold either works just wet it and wipe it off. I used it on my Allen and I had a Magnet shoot right after I was fearing I'd have white eyebrows but the whole thing came off immediately and cleanly.

The only issue people will have with this method will be allergies of course so make sure you're not allergic to the paint or glue before hand.

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27 Aug 2010 - 17:5339407
Since Eyebrows have come up I can finally post this 8D


It shows how to make your eyebrows "disappear" in easy ways and you can just draw on the eyebrows you want in the colour you want with either facepaint, coloured eye pencils and stuff. 8D

I'mma happy I found it


27 Aug 2010 - 17:5939409
When I cosplayed as Faize, who has green eyebrows, all I did was put foundation over my eyebrows, then use green eyeliner to draw the eyebrows on. The eyeliner I used was from Boots, Collection 2000 Glam Metallic Coloured Liquid Eyeliner. It covered my Asian black eyebrows pretty well.

27 Aug 2010 - 18:0539413
Thanks everyone for all the tips
They all sound awesome and very helpful! :3 my friend thanks you all too ^^

28 Aug 2010 - 18:2339472
Just to say that cosplay.com love the washable glue approach, there's many threads on it so it sounds like it works well. I have yet to try it myself but will prob do so when I cosplay Mew again as trying to turn pale pink using the concealer/foundation cover + pink pencil approach didn't work so well... I looked daft so kept my eyebrows brown lol

28 Aug 2010 - 19:3739476
I use the washable glue approach all the time (for example check out Neku, Mika and Silver in my gallery. ^^) I have quite...how to say...substantial...brows...so I use two coats of pva and then acrylic and it works wonderfully. Also it's really easy to take off, (much easier than stick foundation which I use for blonde characters.) So I reccomend that, especcially for more unnatural hair colours. ^^

05 Sep 2010 - 17:2640031
There are so many ways to do this but I tend to put liquid foundation on an eyebrow brush and coat my eyebrows, and then once thats dry I put on a layer of light/cream eyeshadow (optional cause my eyebrows r really dark XD) and then put on the coloured eyeshadow that matches the wig

I did ranka aswell so I actually had green mascara that I used instead of the coloured eyeshadow, was very effective ^^

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