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26 Aug 2010 - 21:5539368
FOR SALE: Cosplays [Vocaloid, FMA, Final Fantasy]
Hey guys.
Im getting rid of a couple of pieces from my ever growing cosplay wardrobe to make room for more xD

All cosplays fit between size 8-10.

I have the following up for sale atm;

Winry RockBell: Full Metal Alchemist -
Shoes will be included (if I can locate them in the flat haha jk)
£15 + p&p (will accept offers)

SF-A2 Miki - Vocaloid -
Only thing that wont be included with this is the wig and boots. I will include the boot covers I made though ^^
£20 + p&p (will accept offers)

Yowane Haku - Vocaloid -
Only worn once. Wont include boots however (you have probably guess by now that I have used the same boots for multiple cosplays hence why they aren't included >.< )
£20 + p&p (will accept offers)

WIG - £20 + p&p

I may be tempted to part with the wig (which I love so much but probably wont wear it again D: PM me if interested hehe)

Yuna - Gunner DressSphere FFX-2
Worn at Kitacon and once of a photoshoot. Only thing not included in this would be.... you guess it.. boots! xD haha
£25 + p&p (will accept offers)

I will be restyling the wig if anyone is interested in it.

Gothic Loli Style Large Black Bow Headband - £3 + p&p

Gothic Loli Style Black Fasinator - £3 + p&p

Black Latex Gloves - Size Small (Not best pic sorry! More pics can be provided if needed =] ) These gloves are elbow length and never worn.

I am also starting to make Nuka Cola necklaces for any Fallout fans who might want one. ^^ PM if you're interested. £3 each + p&p. Although I can bring some to expo to save people shipping if they wish hehe.

Its not much but its a small attempt for a gal to earn a bit of extra caps ^.^ (Apologies for the crappy ass picture D: If anyone is interested. I can send a better quality picture xD)

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29 Aug 2010 - 09:0239491
The Haku cosplay, would that include the wig?

29 Aug 2010 - 10:1539492
im interested in the winry cosplay

"I want you to remember this coz one day it may save your life, i defenitly am mad man with a box" - The Doctor

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29 Aug 2010 - 10:4639495
Quote ryuuzaki88:
im interested in the winry cosplay

Hi Ryuuzaki!
I've PMed you =)

29 Aug 2010 - 10:5339496
Haku Wig
Quote xWestie:
The Haku cosplay, would that include the wig?

The price doesn't include the wig but I can include it for an extra £20. It is in great condition and already styled, etc. It has only been worn twice =)

Hope that helps =)

31 Aug 2010 - 21:2839658
New Items Guys =)

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