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25 Aug 2010 - 18:3739290
YO! <3
Hey Everyone!!!

A couple of you will know me Already!
Real name is Hollie, I've been cosplaying for aaaages, 4 years, I think?... Just had a break after being Ill and I'm just getting back into the swing!!

Was down at the Freshfields meet yesterday as Gilbert Nightray ( own version XD I sucked) so anyone who went to that knows me already!! XDDD

I was also the Singer Dressed as Princess Ai back at Kitacon 2010, and will be going again in 2011. Unfortunatly, I dont do Con's often... I hardly have the money or the time... But I Love going to meet ups In Liverpool and Manchester and all sorts of other places.

Planning a lot of things.. Wether I'll get to do them all, I don't know.

In the past I've been Edward Elric, Envy (FMA. Notably Integra Hellsing with a group back a while at MCMExpo in London...

L... (DUH DUH DUUUUUUUUUH) I did also XD and Misa..

I've cosplayed as Link (adult, Ocarina of Time) and Edward Scissorhands (even though he isnt Manga/Anime XD)

Most recently, I'm attempting Lotti from Pandora Hearts and Gilbert Nightray, whom I'll put photos up of real soon!

I also need to finish off my version of Navi (LoZ) .. Heather (silent hill) AND start on ALLLL sorts of Stuff.
I've also Done Machika from Immortal Rain.

I Love DNAngel, It being my first Manga Obsession, where as my first Anime obsession was Sailor Moon! ( I also want to do Sailor Saturn XD... My first Cosplay but not ever used anywhere and is not wayyyy to small for me was Sailor Venus which my mom made for me when I was..........8..)

I really need to get back into Watching/Reading. But with my Singing and work and Uni I'm ..like.. WAAAAAAY Behind.

OH! I also like Shugo Chara, Beauty Pop, Neon Genisis Evangelion, Most of CLAMPS stuff, Especially Legal Drug, Tsubasa(WAAAY Behind) and Tokyo Babylon.

My Favorite Music Is Definatly J-pop, My Favorite Singer, Ayumi Hamasaki, whom I espire to be like one day XDDD.


Thankies x and I cant wait to start sharing with you guys all the stuff I'm doing!

26 Aug 2010 - 00:0339318
Oooooooh, welcome to CI finally c:
I hope your illness wasn't too bad <3


أنتقل ليلة مظلمة
الاسود الى ابيض
لكم في الغبار

26 Aug 2010 - 00:1639321
From the sounds of it I'll be bugging you for advice but if you want to chat ideas, I know my anime/manga/games even if I've not cosplayed, yet, and I'm normally around somewhere.... oh yeah, welcome to cosplay island.

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