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30 Aug 2010 - 08:3639544
Quote rocksanie:
Ah, thank you everyone for your input >w<
And yeah now that I see it, it does depend on what your applying for, since my brother told me you should always relate things to your course and how it helps you.
The course I want to apply to is either the Interactive Media and Animation course (which is only available in Sheffield Hallam) or a Game design course.

I'm still deciding whether to or not but I really should plan out mypersonal statement first.

@Sillabub may I ask what JET is? ^^;

@Leonie Heartilly that's cool :3

A bit off topic from the thread, but if you really do want to work making computer games you are much better off getting a straight Computer Science or Software Engineering degree than doing a specialist games design course. You could always do a gaming related project at the end of your degree if you want to tilt your CV in that direction.

01 Sep 2010 - 21:4139737
My mums a careers adviser and she's also told me to put down about cosplay. It grabs attention and makes you stand out from the rest which is always a good thing when applying for something. Normally i just say i'm a fan of cosplay in which i like to make costumes of my favorite characters. Something like that is generally fine also it shows the employer than commited to something and that you will spend time working on something so yeah generally its a good thing to have on there.

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