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23 Aug 2010 - 02:1739154
Cosplay on personal statements and applications?
Cosplay on personal statements and applications?

I don't know do you think you should include those on personal statements and job applications?

Since cosplay is a hobby right? But would you write it has costuming or something? Or would you just leave it out?

Since I should be writing my personal statement thats if I'm applying this year or next year depending if I'm retaking in sixth form.

But what do you think?

23 Aug 2010 - 06:0239158
Quote rocksanie:
Cosplay on personal statements and applications?

I don't know do you think you should include those on personal statements and job applications?

Since cosplay is a hobby right? But would you write it has costuming or something? Or would you just leave it out?

Since I should be writing my personal statement thats if I'm applying this year or next year depending if I'm retaking in sixth form.

But what do you think?

Depends on what you're applying for. For a Personal Statement where you can elaborate a little bit I think it's fine to put it on, but maybe not a CV. Not everyone understands what it is, so if they do try to find out they may get the wrong idea completely.

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23 Aug 2010 - 07:4339160
Consider what your personal statement is for very, very carefully before mentioning cosplay on it. Some places will care less about it than others, and some will think of it more negatively than others. I'd say that if you're applying for university, it doesn't matter too much (although it would probably look interesting if you're applying for a fashion course or something similar). If you're applying for a job, consider whether your prospective employer will either lump cosplay together with sexual fetishes or just think negatively of geek culture and be turned off. If you're applying for JET, don't mention it at all.

I haven't mentioned cosplay on my CV, it's been grouped under "sewing" - no-one will think negatively of you for making your own clothes, which cosplay kinda is. I have another workaround too, since I'm a member of a local operatic society and I help out with the costumes in the run up to our shows - it's funny, making a dress for Cinderella to wear on stage isn't really different from me making a costume for myself to wear at a con, but people view the two things as being entirely different.

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23 Aug 2010 - 08:1539162
I did have it on my C.V. for a while although I put on reluctantly (not my idea at all). It only came up at one interview and I was pretty cagey about it although, the interviewer was a pretty nice guy.

Not too sure if it is that good an idea to be honest.

23 Aug 2010 - 09:0439163
I have it on my CV, but like Sillabub, it's grouped under sewing. I chose to include it because it is one of my main hobbies, but I didn't want to start writing an essay about how I go to conventions and geek out with everyone while dressed up as a fictional character XD I did write a little segment on costuming within that sewing bit but it must of been one or two sentences at most.

Good thing I did put it down though because in my last job interview, they questioned it and it's part of what ended up getting me my current job really.

23 Aug 2010 - 09:2639166
The problem with putting cosplay down on you cv as cosplay is that when it come to the interview you get asked

" hmm cosplay, so wha is this"
and then you come off sounding wierd when you try to explain you are dressing up like characters from shows.

On my CV it's under sewing aswell. It saves any awkward conversation.

23 Aug 2010 - 09:4039170
I got into my postgrad teaching course by doing a short presentation about cosplay as part of my interview. I probably wouldn't go in to great detail on most job application forms however. Whenever I am quetioned, I find it pretty easy to explain though: "My girlfirend and I make replica costumes from films and TV shows and enter them in to competitions." If they inquire further I'll talk about how they're judged on accuracy and craftsmanship, and how some competitions now even offer thing like international trips as prises. That sounds like something creative and different, not something weird and/or sexual.

Think carefuly before you put it down, and make sure you can explain it in a way that will show off to your interviewer the creative side.

23 Aug 2010 - 09:4639171
I need to re-write my CV, so I've been thinknig about this too. I'm going back to College to take Fashion, then hopefully at Uni, so I'd most likely put it on.

However this isn't the only factor- I would most likely say that one of my hobbies is sewing, and link cosplay to that, as others have previously stated. Plus, I've just stared Amateur Dramatics, so if that also continues, I'll have that to link the cosplay too, too, since they're both creative outlets. I think if you're someone with any 'arty' aspects on your CV, then there is probably a way to fit cosplay into it.

23 Aug 2010 - 10:1539172
Well just like Sillabub I have slapped Cosplay under my Fashion qualification or just generally sewing ^^ its not something I mention tbh. Its not that im ashamed or anything of course its just a general "wanting to come off proffessional" and I know cosplay shoudlnt affect that and it all depends on the job your applying but I just like to play it safe.

23 Aug 2010 - 11:3239173
I kinda mention it, but not as "cosplay", I've stated about making theatrical props and costumes. I embellished a bit when going for a teaching job, but only in regards to sewing and prop making.

Would I have mentioned it on my applications back when I was in Law? HELL NO!

It depends what the application is for really ^_^ And it depends how you market it as well.

CosplayIsland Staff Member

23 Aug 2010 - 11:4539176
I sort of mentioned it on my uni personal statement as being "into Japanese culture" a nd that I "make costumes" ^^;

23 Aug 2010 - 19:1039214
I briefly mentioned it on my University personal statement - it was lumped into a sentence about my general hobbies/interest in Japan. (My course is Computer Animation.) I don't think I referred to it as Cosplay though, but I did make both a portfolio and a cosplay website that was linked on the intranet on my first few months at Uni. This was a good idea generally because I met other cosplayers at Uni!

Obviously, it's more relevent with a course that can be connected to Japan. (Animation = Anime, Gaming etc) As mentioned, another good one is fashion.

It's really entirely up to you. All my tutors know what it is because it's Animation - they know what anime is. It depends if people are going to 'get' it or not, I guess.

23 Aug 2010 - 19:4339216
I put it on my Personal Statement for Uni, but I'm doing a costume course, so it's pretty relevant.
I did elaborate a bit, saying that is was the process of creating a 3D garment from a 2D image that interested me, but it was also to show that I have invested a lot of time and effort into it as a hobby, and that I'm prepared to do the same on my course. . .
I have mentioned it in CVs, but just as 'sewing' and I tell them I make costumes if they ask.

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23 Aug 2010 - 22:3039221
Oh gosh, I can't remember if I wrote anything about cosplay on my personal statement! It was a good 2 years ago before I'd even really gotten into cosplaying, methinks.

I guess when I rewrite my CV I'll just mention sewing and making theatrical costumes. Depends on what job I go for ^^

23 Aug 2010 - 23:1439225
Like others I've put it down under sewing. It shows how multi-skilled I am. I'm doing Acoustics though so I didn't enter too much detail about it but I just put it down as showing that I have a wide variety of skills and it all helps in developing my analysis, problem solving, etc skills in a different way.

If I put cosplay or costume making down, it's pointless, I'd have to explain something really different and completely off-topic to Acoustics so there really isn't any point for me XD

EDIT: Oops, just realized I'm on the wrong account... Yeah this is actually CrystalNeko speaking, not Kytiane xD;
*signs back into personal account for less confusion*

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24 Aug 2010 - 02:5239227
Re: CVs, it totally depends what kind of job type you're trying to get. Cosplaying can be beneficial to have on your CV if you're doing something fashion related for example (as many people here are), or another creative industry role. But essentially, CVs are tools for you to make you look good to a prospective employer. You shouldn't really be putting anything down that doesn't cast a good light on you, even if it's your main hobby. It's not meant to be a personal biography.

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24 Aug 2010 - 14:3939242
I have it listed whenever I'm appling for a job where 'eye for detail' is required.

I have found it useful to have on there if its an art related or theatre based job.

24 Aug 2010 - 21:1539255
I think it depends what you're applying for. I mentioned cosplay when was asked what my hobbies were in an interview for an office but now I look back on it it might not of been a good idea. But today I had an interview for a comic and collectables store and the fact I cosplay is a good thing to them as they want the staff to dress up occasionally and the manager used to cosplay!

25 Aug 2010 - 00:2639259
Dunno, it's probably not in there. But I added the DS world record onto mine (gotta remove it now) and Time person of the year 2006 onto my achievements!

25 Aug 2010 - 16:0139280
I put it in my personal statement and was offered conditional acceptances to the unis I applied to, so it didn't hurt. I think I mentioned it for hobbies and as an example that I can mingle with people I've not met (I'm going into languages, so mingling/cultural understanding is important to mention)

But like everyone said, it really depends on what it's for.

26 Aug 2010 - 22:3739365
Ah, thank you everyone for your input >w<
And yeah now that I see it, it does depend on what your applying for, since my brother told me you should always relate things to your course and how it helps you.
The course I want to apply to is either the Interactive Media and Animation course (which is only available in Sheffield Hallam) or a Game design course.

I'm still deciding whether to or not but I really should plan out mypersonal statement first.

@Sillabub may I ask what JET is? ^^;

@Leonie Heartilly that's cool :3

27 Aug 2010 - 16:5339402
I actually just wrote a paragraph about this in a nother thread. We practicing writing personal statements and our teacher told us to put in all out unusual and interesting hobbies. I explaned what cosplay was to him, he just laughed and pretty much said, you don't want the employer to think you're a freak, and that you pretend to be a fictional character and dress up in silly costumes. I call hypocracy. Why you ask? Although he's a PSHE theacher, he's also head of drama in our school.

27 Aug 2010 - 17:5839408
Quote rocksanie:
@Sillabub may I ask what JET is? ^^;

The Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme. It's a scheme run by the Japanese government that takes English-speaking graduates from all over the world and places them in Japan, mostly as assistant language teachers in schools but also as cultural representatives in local government etc (only candidates with good Japanese fluency get that though).

The application process is lengthy and tough - which you'd expect for any government job, really. By all accounts, it's a dangerous game to mention that you like anime on your application, never mind cosplay.

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29 Aug 2010 - 22:3539529
It's a tricky one. I always get around the term "Cosplay" by saying that I make my own clothes and arts and crafts. Because not a lot of people know what cosplay is. But it's definately a little something to put in your hobbies ^^

30 Aug 2010 - 01:1139539
I think that if you've taken part in some Omake skits then you could probably get around it by putting it down as " Performing Arts ".


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