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22 Aug 2010 - 22:4539146
Wig colour for Scott Pilgrim cosplay help needed!
For Auchinawa, I decided after reading the books and seeing an advanced screening of the film that I want to cosplay as Scott Pilgrim.

Which yes will be a crossplay!
As I'm a girl.

I'm kinda doing a cross between the movie and comic version.
The one where he's wearing the green Smashing Pumpkins top which is at the start of the first book and the film, but also at the last battle in the film.

From the coloured pages of the comics and the books covers in general, his hair is orange. Or sometimes a light brown.
But in the movie it's more dirty blonde.

Here's pictures:
Scott Pilgrim - Movie Version.
Scott Pilgrim - Comic version.

Basically, wig wise, I'm not sure which colour would look better.
Hence my help.

And if you find any wigs, like on ebay etc, that you think would be perfect - link me up!

Edit: I found this on ebay.
Already bought from the seller and they are awesome and I think the style is perfect, colour too.

But still would like advice, specially from fellow SP fans!


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22 Aug 2010 - 23:2539149
I think the wig you got is perfect! Can't wait to see this at Auchi

23 Aug 2010 - 08:3339168
I agree, the wig you've found does look spot on! I reckon you'd have no trouble with that one
Good luck!

07 Oct 2010 - 22:4342508
seen the SP group?


saturday at 12 for pics if ya about

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