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20 Aug 2010 - 21:3239053
Tuesday 24th August Freshfields Shoot - Models Wanted!
This coming Tuesday a group of us are venturing to Freshfields for a shoot - but we need models!
If you have a cosplay you'd love to have shot by a team of experienced photographers then please read on 8D

Location wise - and also to help you understand the terrain we'll be working with look to this journal:
[make sure to scroll all the way down!]
Grasslands - sand dunes - beach - forests - Hills

Freshfields is a short train ride from Liverpool.
I myself will be leaving from Manchester - so if you're able to get to either Liverpool stations [central or Lime St.] or Manchester we can guide you the rest of the way to the site =]

The train to Freshfields from Liverpool is £3.75 - offpeak return - without a rail card.

There are toilets at the front of the park so you will be able to change on site easily - bring a small mirror though - they lack one XD

We have a small team of photographers so a group of people would be preferred - you can do any series you like - just make sure it obviously fits in with your surroundings XD

Models I currently have confirmed:
MikeJenks - Natsu + Ash Ketchum
Hollie - Possibly Gilbert Nightray
YuffieBabbit - Forest Fairy
Aka-chan - Lavi
Richard - Reno
Stubbled Grapes - France / poss Misty

Photographers include:
Foxy: http://firefox23111981.deviantart.com/
Emzone: http://www.cosplayisland.com/gallery/Emzone
Akraru [?]: www.akraru.deviantart.com
Silzer: http://emptied-glass.deviantart.com/

Times wise - we're hoping to set off around 9/10am
The earlier we arrive the better as the park itself is vast but brilliant 8D
The toilets on site close at 5pm - last time we stayed way past this time and continued to shoot - I just changed in the darkness XD;
If people have trains back to catch etc we can wrap the shoot up for around this time however - but then this definitely means an early start!

For food we usually buy a small picnic from Liverpool before leaving - but you can bring your own packed lunch if you wish.

Post a message if interested! 8D

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20 Aug 2010 - 22:3139057
Oh oh, I want to do this
I live fairly near Liverpool and as long as I left Liverpool at 6-something I could catch a bus and not have to walk from the station at my end ;]
But I may have plans for next week, I don't know yet =/

I have a 'closet' Misty (minus wig) I want photos of
Proper photos of France might be nice
(distinct lack of cosplays orz)
And and I want to meet new people (ok, sad part of me leaping out there)

So, I'm showing interest, not can't say I'm coming yet =]

20 Aug 2010 - 22:4139058
Alrighty 8D
So long as you can let us know on this thread before the actual date that's fine~ =D

21 Aug 2010 - 16:2439088
Shall be a fun day 8D

Moar models still needed?

22 Aug 2010 - 22:4539141
Hopefully I should be free to come to this now ^^

I'll bring my Pirate France I'm doing. Although it won't be quite finished, it will mostly be and I wanna test it out anyway =]
May also bring along Misty if the weather seems like it'll be nice

And if it's alright I'll meet you on the platform at Liverpool. Cheaper for me to get a ticket straight to Freshfield so I won't be able to get out of the station (without losing my ticket)
But if you aren't planning for a particular train, I don't mind getting separate tickets and meeting you in the city somewhere ^^

22 Aug 2010 - 23:4339144
We'll be leaving from Liverpool Central so we can either meet you within the station and all get the smae train or you can meet us on the platform at freshfields

Could you pm me your mobile number so I can find you? XD

22 Aug 2010 - 23:4439145
ooooh I'm loving the sounds of this, dunno if I can come yet though, have much to organise as its my bday that day xD but should be able to let you know by tomorrow afternoon, might be bringing a few cosplayers with me ^^

either way hope it turns out awesome for y'all!

23 Aug 2010 - 00:0639148
Alrighty 8D
Keep in mind the only proper changing room/facility is the toilets at the front of the site so if we venture to far in you wont be able to change in a room of sorts. If we want to reach the coast/sand dunes/fields we wont be able to head back every time someone costume swaps. Unless there is a majority hoping to change and we shoot the first costumes near the front of the park - change and then take the other costumes further in.

Obviously these second costumes will end up with more photos, so you'll need to make a choice unless you're prepared to find a bush along the way XD

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