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08 Aug 2007 - 01:14125
Amecon '07
With only a handful more days to go until Amecon is upon us, how many of you are still frantically sewing? I know I am! (Taking a break to actually allow myself to have feeling in my finger tips)

What costume plans do you have?
Any disasters?
Entering the masquerade or competition?
Looking forward to anything in particular?

08 Aug 2007 - 13:27128
I have a couple of last minute things that I will need to glue when i'm on site - i'm packed already since I'm leaving tomorrow at 8:30 from Plymouth. Large tube of Bostik Contact glue is in the bags ^^;

- J://
08 Aug 2007 - 14:36131
I'm I was up untill the early hours this morning making a Hat -.-;;; I have never made a fabric cap before... lets say it was a steep learning curb.

I'm still have many little things to do ~ and I need to go shopping today for various items to go under my costumes... shorts... trousers... o_O; AHHH Facepaint X3

... anuything to go wrong... um... Boot covers took me so much longer than I thought... and I am not going to bother witha BLU pair... >.>; maybe I will complete it for the next con and have a half naked BLU this year lol XD

what else what else.... I have to paint some stuff... hmm finish of my ball coat (arrr I be a venitian pirate... but which am I? arrrrr.)

08 Aug 2007 - 16:59133
still doing the finshing touches boot covers and the likes

08 Aug 2007 - 17:55134
Still got a few letters to sew on one cosplay, but I've got one complete.

Still waiting for a tie from Ebay, and my Rikkai Uniform from ebay*worried*.

Generally I'm pleased with how i've done this year, I don't think I'll be rushing like I was last time...and the time before that

09 Aug 2007 - 13:58135
Since i have a day off today and Asuka_UK doesn't i'm on packing and collecting final bits duty XD

My teeth for Alucard came this morning they're a little uncomfortable but that's only because i'm not used to having pointy teeth

There are a few bits still to come in the post though ._. i just hope they turn up before we leave for Ame tomorrow

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10 Aug 2007 - 01:36136
from about 5 days ago and up till now it's been disasterific for me and my Rock Howard jacket, however despite all odds it looks like I WILL, repeat that, WILL be finising it tonight!!!!

can you beleive it Terry??


14 Aug 2007 - 14:51148
Name and shame...
I managed to spell "Polysics" as "Polyscis" on my badge and totally forgot my helmet, balaclava and gloves for the Hellsing outfit i had.

<- Costard

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