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16 Aug 2010 - 13:1138779
Any Avatar: Legend of Aang Cosplayers mcm expo 30th - 31th October 2010
Just wanted to see who else would be cosplaying as Avatar: legend of aang this october to try an get a group together for pics an stuff

i'll be going as Sokka an my friends are going as Ty Lee an Toph.

All are welcome

16 Aug 2010 - 18:0138786
I just replied to your message but thought I might as well post here too.
I'm going as Suki for one of the days and two of my friends (who aren't on cosplay island) are hoping to go as Momo and Princess Yue.

02 Sep 2010 - 02:1039745
omg!!! momo! hehe!

24 Sep 2010 - 22:3241465
I'm not 100% but as a last minute change I might fit in an Avatar cosplay and do young Avatar Roku for Friday. But it all depends on getting my other cosplays finished first, so here's hoping ^^.

26 Sep 2010 - 16:5241625
Hey all ~

In response to a message Sick Shinobi sent me, I would be happy to meet up! I'm only free on Saturday though ~ C: I'll be cosplaying 3rd season Aang in his fire nation school uniform. I might have a Zuko with me too.

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11 Oct 2010 - 11:4342729
Sorry for late reply but sounds really good cant wait know

14 Oct 2010 - 20:4542921
Is 1.30 at the front of the excel centre by the steps on the Saturday
ok for everyone?

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