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09 Aug 2010 - 16:1438378
Selling DSi XL and Manga/Anime Drawing Books
Hi, I'm looking to sell my DSi XL as I'm about to start college - so I won't have much time for it soon

It's the Wine Red colour, the box is a little dented but the console itself is in perfect (Like new) condition. It comes complete with everything it came with originally (console, stylus, pen stylus, manuals, box) It also comes with free games (Castle of Magic and Flipnote Studio) that I bought and downloaded from the dsiWare store.

Can take pictures, if anyone is interested.
I'd like around £110 shipped, but am open to offers ^_^

Also, selling a few tutorial books for drawing in the anime/manga style.
Postage is not included, paypal is preferred - offers considered.

Mega Manga: The Complete Reference to Drawing Manga by Keith Sparrow £5

The Complete Book of Drawing Manga by Peter Gray £5

How To Draw Manga Volume 25: Bodies & Anatomy £10

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15 Aug 2010 - 16:0138744
Price for DSi XL dropped to £110

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