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07 Aug 2010 - 23:4238233
Two good quality wigs for sale.
WARNING: This is a very big post, it has alot of images. Give it time to load! and PLEASE! PLEASE! read all of the information I have taken about an hour to type up for you, that way you are well informed of the product.

I have had these wigs sitting about for far too long (all kept in very good condition though! and out of sunlight, packadged well)

I decided that I'll never use them for anything of my own, or at least I doubt I will and I'd rather let them go than keep hold of them because I really need the money right now.

Anyway some important info for you guys. I live in the UK, and I'd rather ship within the UK! postage details for each wig will be available after each of their image sets as will all info about said wigs.

Seeing as it's so close to Amecon, I am willing to bring them to the convention for a pickup, this will involve you having to give me your mobile number or someones number on your behalf, and for me to give you mine so we can find eachother properly. If I bring them to Ame, you can either pay me beforehand or pay me AT Ame on exchange of the wig or wigs.
I'd prefer at Ame if I'm honest because that lines my pocket with some money at least!

Right! onto the wigs.

Wig number 1!


no flash and all images following this one are with no flash.

to show the skin top

close up of the wig to show colour a little better.

Ok, so this wig has been worn, it was worn for a Raphael cosplay (not by me) and was worn for around 3 hours it has had very little styling with hairspray and hair glue and can be washed without an issue for you, though if you dont want me to wash it, that isn't an issue either.

The wig is kanekleon and is very thickly wefted, it has the adjuster straps on the inside of the wig mesh and a skin top as shown in the image. The colour shown in the images with no flash are very very close to it's in person colour, it's a pale blonde, but ever so slightly darker than the no flash images.

This originaly wig cost £25 brand new, so I'd be looking for around £18-£20 for this, it is in top condition, looked after very well and is basicly as new.

If you are wanting this posted the postage for this will be very small. I'm estimating about £1.50 - £2.00 for royal mail 1st class.

Of course there is no problem bringing this to Ame and I strongly reccomend you pick it up from me if you are wanting it for Ame or even if you will be at Ame since it'll be cheaper and wont get lost in the post!


And number three!

All of the following images have been taken with a flash.

This one came out a little blurry but you get the point.

to show the skin top.

This is a Cosworx wig, I've had it for over 2 years now and it's just been in it's original packadging, in storage since I recieved it. It was intended for a personal cosplay but I wasn't happy with the colour and have since put the costume on hold.

The wig is 109cm in length, thats measuring from the parting line at the top of the wig head, down to the ground but following the curve of the head. The wig is Kanekleon, and has only been taken out of the packet for these photos, I also brushed it through and have loose plaited it so that it wont tangle and knot.

The wig is not as heavily wefted as alot of long wigs are nowdays so with a swift breeze the wig mesh will show, the wig also does not have the adjustable straps on the inside which was somewhat dissapointing from Cosworx since the wig was very expensive.

The wig is a good quality, I wouldn't rate it as a high quality wig but it's good enough and doesn't seem to have many issues with brushing as alot of long wigs do.

The images show the colour spot on, which is suprising for a camera using a flash I find.

Since the wig is so old now, even though it is in brand new condition, and considering it does not have the adjuster straps and the wefts can be seen in windy conditions I am pricing this wig rather low.

I originaly paied around £35ish for this one, but I will let it go for £15.

Postage would be about £3.00 for this I suspect since it's heavier than the others and would require more padding to ensure it doesnt tangle in transit. As with the others though, I am willing to bring it to Ame for a buyer, and I'd advise this method if you are going to either be at Ame or need it for Ame.

I know this is a very long post but when I sell something I like to put as much info about it as I can, as always questions are welcome but at the moment I cannot accept trades.

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08 Aug 2010 - 16:1438282
I'd also like to add that I AM open to offers too, so if anyone interested in any of the wigs and would rather them for cheaper than my asking price. Throw me an offer! it can't hurt

10 Aug 2010 - 09:2138409
Just for anyone who was thinking about picking up a wig at Ame. I am going to Ame on Thursday, so from Thursday afternoon onwards I won't have access to a computer with net connection.

So if anyone is interested in any of the wigs, let me know before Thursday afternoon.

Also, still open to offers!

10 Aug 2010 - 12:2238415
Quite like the the third wig, but no going to Ame, I'll know whether I'm buying or not tonight.

10 Aug 2010 - 20:1138465
Sorry found something more like what I'm after thanks anyway though.

11 Aug 2010 - 09:3738500
hi im interested in the second wig, the hunni one as i think it would work well for my aidou cosplay

11 Aug 2010 - 09:4738502
Quote justhewaydrmademe:
hi im interested in the second wig, the hunni one as i think it would work well for my aidou cosplay

It's still available, is there anything you want to know or are you happy to buy it?

11 Aug 2010 - 09:5338505
Nope i think it looks fine! how much do you want for it?

11 Aug 2010 - 10:2038507
Quote justhewaydrmademe:
Nope i think it looks fine! how much do you want for it?

My asking price was £18ono with p+p but I'll just call it £18 all in though I'm willing to take an offer from you.

Also will you be at Ame or are you able to organise a pick up from ame with someone? if not posting it is fine ^_^

11 Aug 2010 - 13:1038517
£18 is fine unfortunately im not goin to ame so is it ok to post? i can pay via paypal!

11 Aug 2010 - 14:1738522
No problem! and paypal is fine. I shall PM you my e-mail used for Paypal now and update the thread accordingly.

17 Aug 2010 - 20:0238857
The two wigs listed here are still available, back from Amecon now so I can veiw replys and PM's properly.

18 Aug 2010 - 20:0438934
This post has now been cross posted on the auhinawa forums AND on a live journal community called cosplay_com

24 Aug 2010 - 14:4339246
hey the wig arrived today and is brill thanks!

24 Aug 2010 - 14:5339247
Brilliant! sorry for the delay :X

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