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07 Aug 2010 - 19:3538219
Selling Miku hatsune wig *sold*

I had a BOAT load of trouble sorting out my miku wig~ makes me hate ebay. But basically seller sent wrong one first so now i have two! It's a pretty good wig i just prefer darker ones~...even if my current one is now TOO dark. =_____=

photooooos~ in mini icony form cause their bigish photos xD so just click em for bigger version :'D

wig is slightly more green in real life, my camera sucks~ also a bit lighter. Their brand new and have been taken out twice,first to try on, and then for these photos~ their around 136cm

base wig is reallly nicely cut, fringe is left long. but the back is nice and short, while the sides are slightly longer so make nice side face bangs things xD

I'm open to offers if's anyones interested, but i don't want to be selling them for a too low of price. since the seller made the mistake not meee. so reasonable prices onlyyy~ :'D

and postage will be around £2-3 was that when i last checked~ but i will check again.

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07 Aug 2010 - 20:0038221
How much did you pay for it (or would have paid for it, lol)? I'm interested in a new Miku wig since my old one is in such a bad state, so I can make you an offer based on what you paid? :3

07 Aug 2010 - 20:2638223
i probably shoulda said that xD
I paid £38.something crap 8D seller was kinda annoyng in the way that, i had to buy another one of him to get the right one =_____= but with free shipping~ not a amazing offer though tbh~ ¬ 3¬

07 Aug 2010 - 22:4238226
Fables, what sorta state is your old one in? is it a total write off, or would it be useable with a little elbow grease? if its useable, then if you get this new one, would i be allowed to buy your old one off you? i will be needing of one for Tara in the near future.

and if you dont get this one, then ill gladly buy it

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08 Aug 2010 - 20:5138310
ahh thats cool then~
Since i have a new wig to buy so need to sell this soooon~

10 Aug 2010 - 17:0838442
Just popped you a PM but I'll write on here for all to see!
I'm still waiting on payday for this, and I don't want to incconvenience anyone so it's probably best to let Fishy take this one!

Fishy, my old one, you saw it at the last picnic I believe, and at Kita? It can probably be fixed but I wouldn't feel right letting someone else have it, it IS a state XD

10 Aug 2010 - 20:1338467
If no-one ends up buying this I'm interested.

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