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05 Aug 2010 - 14:4437987
bunny hat, manga, doujin, games, accessories
Thought to keep this post seperate from the cosplay post.

Hello! I'm currently up in Glasgow, Scotland at my girlfriend's for a few weeks, and she's wanting to sell some of her stuff. I've been through it all and can assure you I will be posting it, and it is high quality items in great condition unless otherwise stated.

Paypal is preferred and p&p is NOT included. Other forms of payment are also fine and so is collection of items in person.

When buying items or enquiring please copy paste the text accompanying the picture to avoid any confusion.

All items come from a smoking and pet (Dog & Cat) household. items are washed before sending out but may still retain smoke smell. Sorry for any inconvenience

This post is crossposted.

Pink homemade bunny ear hat - £4

Naruto Wall scroll - £5

Manga, comics, books

Death Note 1-12 manga books £25

Death Note novel (BB Murder cases) books £4

Death Note doujin x 2 (L x Light) books £5 ea

Eerie Queerie 1-4 manga books £10

The Art of Loving 1 (Yaoi) manga books £5

-- DVDs

S-CRY-ed box set DVD £25

My-HIME 1 DVD £5

Blue Gender 1 DVD £3

Texhnolyze 1 DVD £3

Mobile Suit Gundamn Wing W 7 DVD £3

The Slayers 1 DVD £3

Wolf's Rain 3 DVD £3

Noir 1 DVD £3

-- Games

Tekken 5 PS2 £5

King of Fighters Maximum Impact PS2 £3

Yuyu Hakusho Dark Tournament PS2 £3

Soul Calibur 3 PS2 £3

Metal Gear Acid PSP £3

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05 Sep 2010 - 21:0440055
are you still selling?

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