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21 May 2008 - 21:512989
Hi =D

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any tutorials regarding how to tie the knots/bows at the front. I've found plenty on how to make and wear them but nothing regarding this. Any help would be wonderful. ^_^

21 May 2008 - 23:102993
Mens or womans? they are tied different ways.

found a section on how here: Wiki

Tutorial on tieing martial arts hakama

YouTube video there are actually alot of youtube videos on it which will probably help you more than pictures or confusing descriptions. ^^

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21 May 2008 - 23:332995
They are? lol, I didn't know that. It's for a guy ^_^

Thanks so much for the links, I never thought of looking on youtube.

21 May 2008 - 23:512996
Lol this is hilarious I was just thinking this very same question for my cos I'm just finishing, thank you very much!

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