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12 Aug 2010 - 20:5438626
Quote FairyPorchQueen:
Quote NixieThePixie:
About ebay sellers not being good at making costumes... My Loz costume was awesome, as so was my friends Cloud and Kadaj costume. Also, they don't get the costumes wrong (not all of them anyway). Corland90 (kadaj and Cloud) and HunnyLee (Loz) are brilliant at it.

I think Anime_Angel was just joking about, don't take things so seriously.

And also, don't dig at people who buy their costumes; I have a friend who buys them cause she can't sew (we're trying to get her to commish us) and I'm not comfortable with working with leather like materials. And we don't commish them cause we're poor. Does that make us crap cosplayers?


Only Cosplayers in the UK get such a stick up their bum about bought costumes ¬___¬

Honestly people *rolls eyes*

Only cosplayers will insist that there is a difference between "cosplay" and "fancy dress"


Only cosplayers will wear stupidly little on a freezing cold day because that character does.

Yes why do we insist on wearing near to nothing when its cold >___< i catch so many colds that that way haha

Same, but I still do it, my parents go crazy at me for it, but hey, It's for cosplay.

12 Aug 2010 - 21:0238627
Quote Xauriga:
on the subject of the ebay stuff looking crap, I aggre about most looking bad I spent hours looking for a decent orgy jacket and found a good 1 it arrived looks great but the chains are all wrong kinda spoils the whole thing, since it's pieces of string and tacky beads, gonna change it at some point.

but I've also seen plenty of amazing costumes people have made and clearly not bought. Since I'm usless I buy all my outfits but always spend hours finding good 1s.

I totally agree with you, I don't have the time and money to make a cosplay from scratch, as much as I hate to admit it school comes first. So at the moment I tend to buy them off the internet, not necessarily off Ebay. Not to mention the fact I would probably sew someone else's eyes to the fabric.

15 Aug 2010 - 14:1538741
Some cosplayers may have half their wardrobe consumed by their costumes as opposed to thier normal everyday clothes. Mine's getting that way XD

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