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03 Aug 2010 - 14:4537819
Wanted: Long blonde wig and short orange/brown wig

I had a last minute cosplay plan which was more or less a closet cosplay, the only thing is. I need a wig for it.

We do have a long blonde wig, but it was for Sailor Venus and isn't ideal for the character. The character is Marikawa Shizuka (the school nurse) from high school of the dead.

I'd rather a realistic shade of blonde but wont turn my nose up at something with highlights or whatever. I also don't mind if it's shorter than her hair actually is, so anything that around mid back or near as really.

I'm on a budget and I'm low on time, it's for Amecon so ebay is out so I was hoping someone out there in the UK wants to sell a blonde wig!

The short wig is for Rena Ryuugu from Higurashi, I already have a wig for her but I'm a little bit miffed with it. Its a bit too bright and I've cut it a tad too short.
Her hair changes colour depending on what you look at for her, the best examples of ref images for her are in my cosplay gallery for the Rena costume, so take a look and if you have something that matches any of them, drop me a PM or something.

Thaaaaank you.

03 Aug 2010 - 15:1537829
I acctually do want to get rid of my blonde wig which i have used for Mitsuki Koyama, not sure if it's the right colour but you can see what it's like


also it tangles quite easily >.< but we can come to that if u are interested in it XD

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