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11 Mar 2011 - 16:1952095
Makubex, remember that comment I said when we had that litle Nema Photoshoot that only like 5 people turned up for? About people not taking the mick when adults were there? Yeah when you and your mam left, we had a bunch of chavs saying "hurrr hurrr what you doing" "Is isn't halloween you know hurrr hurrr"

Proves my point haha.

Another one was I was in my Team Magma do and this little girl came up to me, with a Gameboy SP with Pokemon Emerald in and asked me to sign her SP in permanent marker! Then she went back to her mam and said "See! Team Magma IS nice!"

Awwww <3


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11 Mar 2011 - 16:3952096
I remember once being told that I need to get some sun whilst I was cosplaying as Sai from Naruto, which I thought was quite an amusing and well made comment XD


12 Mar 2011 - 12:0252150
Another from me, but this one is plain creepy XD

we were at a nottingham meet, waiting in the train station with a lot of suited Pandora Hearts cosplayers and a few from other stuff (like me from hetalia) and a strange old lady came up to us...we couldn't understand a word she was saying but she kept pulling our wigs and pinching our cheeks and playing with our cosplays...FREAKY SHIT MAN O:

12 Mar 2011 - 19:1752167
Well I came across something todayyy not actually said to us but about us xD
Me, my sister and friend were cosplaying as Lavi, Kanda and Allen from D.Gray-man around Birmingham. We were walking up the high street and I heard someone say Were they wearing wigs? ....neverrr XDD

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13 Mar 2011 - 11:4852215

Another from me, but this one is plain creepy XD

we were at a nottingham meet, waiting in the train station with a lot of suited Pandora Hearts cosplayers and a few from other stuff (like me from hetalia) and a strange old lady came up to us...we couldn't understand a word she was saying but she kept pulling our wigs and pinching our cheeks and playing with our cosplays...FREAKY SHIT MAN O:

Doesn't sound creepy, as such, it sounds like she couldn't speak English and was interested in your costumes. Take it as a compliment. If she spoke English I doubt you'd have felt so uncomfortable.

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13 Mar 2011 - 17:0452247
In October for the London MCM expo, I had to get changed into my Bridget (Guilty Gear) cosplay on the train (before the DLR).... I got changed in the toilet XD, but afterwards EVERYONE was just staring at me (I don't blame them, it is an extremely crazy cosplay for a boy), I didn't get any horrible remarks or laughter though, which was a bit surprising actually lol. I did however get someone shout "I'M GAY FOR YOU, BRIDGET!" in london victoria station XD

26 Mar 2011 - 19:2152990
Didn't happen while cosplaying but I thought it would be funny to add.

I was with a bunch of college peeps yesterday getting some photographs printed at a photography shop in preparation for a project and got into a funny coversation with one of them. It went something like:

"Hey, I think I saw you, not last weekend but the weekend before".


"It was at the Arb. Were you with the bunch of...what was the word?"


"Yeah, thats it! I was thinking then 'are they? Maybe not...yes they were cosplayers".

"I was one of them ^_^"

"That place was one of our Parkour spots. It was taken over by cosplayers so we had to train nearby instread"

"I did'nt know! Sorry about that!"

"It's ok XD"


Alcon 2016

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03 Apr 2011 - 18:5453325
I was on the bus in a bright blue Miku wig, and we happened to stop at one bus stop in redcar. Unfortunately a chav spotted me and shouted across to the bus 'Oh My God, look at that' while pulling a very strange pointing pose.

It was actually quite funny....

And another time, i was at nema club down middlesbrough and some sort of policeman person asked me if my blue Miku wig was my natural hair.. ^-^ that was funny too

04 Apr 2011 - 09:5753355
This thread is awesome, The nice stories make me smile =D

I always get the usual "looks" and the occasional sniggers from chavs, but nothing too serious. If anything, I think my psycho stare scares them off. Being psycho has its advantages.

Most of my stories are somewhat creepy, though!! I seem to be a creeper magnet DX Here goes! SUPER LONG POST OF STORIES!!

In May 2009 I got asked what was going on at excel, but I was fine with that. Everyone was really nice about it, atleast! Some six year olds asked their parents if they could play tag with me because they liked my costume! XD Some other cosplayers were sitting on a bench smirking at me running around from a distance. I still think they should have ran over and joined in!! XD

In May 2010 I was wearing my Ranka Lee costume near some shops (Which I usually wouldn't do, But I needed Migraine tablets). A random man asked if I was Alice In Wonderland X'D Then made a comment that he could only get his eyes like mine after drinking heavily. (Red contact lenses!!) It made me laugh.

The key to my room expired so I had to go and get another one, The assistant kept staring at my red eyes and then randomly said, "Whoever's idea to put green hair with red eyes is a genius!! It really suits you". It made my day!!! The assistant I tried to talk to before that shunned me out and wouldn't deal with me because he thought I was "dodgey". x'D

In October 2009, I was dressed as Freya from chobits, walking through my hotel to get back to my room with my sister. There where two french men in the elevator, whom proceeded to mock me in basic French- Which I could understand. One of them said something along the lines of "Children shouldn't be allowed in elevators by themselves, they might get raped *Elbows french friend and grins*". Before nearly freaking out about being called a "Child", I remembered that I was scared of lifts and couldn't afford to get into a fight with weirdo's. They got off at the same floor as us so we waited until they'd turned the corner and went into our rooms. My sister heard footsteps so she looked through the keyhole on the door and screamed, The french man was trying to look through the keyhole to our door. (Thankyou, reverse keyhole). Creepy or what?!

In October 2010 I had a black dress on, complete with a masquerade mask and loads of fake blood covering me. My friend and I were on the bridge to cross over and walk around London whilst we waited for my best friend to get off the motorway so we could meet up. It was around 7pm and we got into the lift with a group of guys, One dressed as ghostface from scream, However they were not from expo. The guys started bursting out laughing at me, and my friend and I were laughing too. Then I plucked up the courage to say "Shall we start a murderer's club?" which caused them to burst into laughter even more!! Then they disappeared into the night. We proceeded to keep bumping into eachother and I accused them of stalking me. Fun!!

At the same expo, We decided to walk through the Excel center at around 11pm on Friday night, It was filled with Business people. I'm not sure why, But it was. As we walked past, a woman started staring at the blood that was dripping from my neck downwards (Which creeped me out, Because hey- 30 year old woman staring at my chest) so my friend said, "So Uh...Where did you hide the body?" really loudly and the woman literally RAN for her life.

This man that was in the same hotel as my friends and I also kept talking to us about halloween and some kind of party and kept asking to tag along. He was super creepy. Infact, We're not sure, but there was a man that looked almost identical to him following us around Expo with a camera. He asked for a picture, walked off, asked for a picture with us (and grabbed our hands, We couldn't struggle because my friend and I were handcuffed together and didn't want to hurt ourselves or break the cuffs. My face in that photo was so SO awkward, If he didn't get a clue from it after looking back then: Fail!), Walked away, Next thing: He's taking pictures of us without permission! We put our masks on and started to be more paranoid.. UH I mean.. aware of everyone...


Midlands Expo 2011- Gogo Yubari

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04 Apr 2011 - 11:5953361
That French one was creepy! If you understood them you should of said so - we get problems with them insulting us whilst we're skiing in France, though they generally look horrified when they realise we understood every word they said.

Wasn't in cosplay, but two was going to Kitacon on Thursday and one was coming home on Sunday.

Thursday: I was sitting on the bench at Ely waiting for the train to Birmingham to come in with my Quina fork wrapped in bin bags on my lap, my suitcase and back pack on the floor next to me. I spot this buisiness man looking for a seat, and he spies that the rest of the bench next to me is completely free. He makes his way over then stops, as he suddenly spots what I have with me.

He chose to stand XD

Second one was when I was on the train to Brimingham. I was finishing sewing on some poppers on to my Quina mask so that it wouldn't gape. Two male members of the older generation sat down next/opposite me, and one commented that he would of brought the shirt with a button missing if he knew he was gonna be sat near someone who passes the time by sewing.

Made me lol XD

Sunday: Mum and I were in Tesco express, buying something for me to nom on. whilst the cashier is sorting out mum's card payment, mum turns to me and asks "Did you mean to leave your boob flattener at home?" The cashier immediately went "Boob flattener?! Did you just say boob flatterner?!" cue explaining. That was so funny

Ayacon Plans
06 Apr 2011 - 10:4653542
It was my friend that heard this, it wasn't even directed at him, it was just some chavs having a conversation. So they had just been to the fair, and were talking about centrifugal force, but didn't know that it was called that, just saying about how you get moved around on rides and what have you. But then one of them says to his mates... Wait for it...

"Is gravity real?"

No if that's not the best thing that you've ever heard a chav say, then I can't beging to imagine what it.

Also, me and my mates were in a lift at the PTI at October Expo just gone. The's also a woman in there. She makes a stange noise, then shouts "COMMENERS!". We all just look at her and laugh. She must have some balls considering that two of us were about 6ft, one of us well over that and another, well, I can't remember hiw big Michelle is. But that's not the point, she was only about 5ft 4in. Three of us got out of the lift just leaving me and her. She made the same noise and said the same thing. I jsut looked at her, and she immidiatley got out of the lift. It was rather funny.

06 Apr 2011 - 19:2953588
Kitacon was amusing for this kind of thing because I think a business convention was on A lot of things happened.

Friday; was Loki from Fairy tail...SPIKY GINGER WIG. Ended up following a business man down a hall to head for the reception and he kept looking back at me with FEAR IN HIS EYES XD. I heard him say to his friend 'I think he might be trying to kill us' and they both tried to walk faster XD I was faster and walked past them saying 'I'm a girl' shocking them even more XD
Saturday; I was Gin from Gintama...the long kimono got a lot of attention. At the night a drunk man grabbed the end of it, said 'SHHHH' and hid under it...which creeped me out because his face was near my crotch .__. and all I heard under there was 'I'm so freakin' glad you're wearing pants...' CUE LAUGHING
Finally, on Sunday, I was Joey from Yu-Gi-Oh and I saw some little kids around the entrance...I just heard one squeal in glee and shout 'JOEYYYYYY~' and run over to me, practically skipping while flailing to get his phone out while he shouted 'CAN I HAVE A PICTURE WITH YOU~' he was adorable XD I had to lean down while his mum came over to take it and he literally glomped me so I had to wrap an arm around him to which my friend shouted 'JOEY YOU PEADOPHILE!!'

11 Apr 2011 - 09:5953828
Me and Kuro0keashi (sp?!) were out doing a confidence video for Crap Rocket Productions and some chavs starting stalking us >_<


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11 Apr 2011 - 10:3353831
Well, not technically cosplaying, but on the saturday night of Kitacon, my freind and done mine and her BF's faces up like KISS.

On the elevator down from their room, a regular guy came in, looked at us and just said 'do you ever feel like your the odd one out?' So my freind offered to paint his face up too!


Earlier, on the same day, I popped into B'Ham with another friend to pick up some stuff for the night. She was dressed in a pink Gothic-Lolita style outfit. Had some looks from people on the way to, and around the shopping disrict, including some huge-beast of a woman who made a noice like an attempt at laughing (Before hilariously almost tripping over her own feet, and trying to steady herself with a look of dignity)

Did get a few people coming up to her though. One person at the station asked if there was a convention on at the time.
A woman working the ticket-barriers in B'Ham asked about the clothing, and seemed to be a fan of it herself (Though she let through a good 10 people while she was admiring the dress)
And another person did come over to say they liked the outfit, this was a woman working in a rock/alt clothing shop though, so she was probably already used to seeing stuff like that.

Current projects:
My Almost Perfect Life - Written out story draft, converting into script.
Netherworld Chronicles - Initinal planning finished, writing first draft.
Urban Warfare - Researching and planning
15 Apr 2011 - 16:5254167
went to a superhero night a rock club dressed as Tifa from Final Fantasy VII.

Ended up being hit on by a guy with a Tifa tattoo on his arm. And people going OMFG tifaaaaa.

This is the only story I can remember as I don't cosplay outside of cons

15 Apr 2011 - 18:5354180
I was in a comic book shop a while back dressed as Sora from digimon, sans wig.
Some guy came up to me, tapped me on the shoulder, and asked for a photo.
I went to take my glasses off and he said "No, wait, leave them on, Yolei has glasses!"

I smiled at him very patiently and said "Yes, she does, but I'm dressed as Sora, and Sora doesn't have glasses."

At this he looked really quite angry. "You're not Sora! You're Yolei, you even have her digimon."

He points to the Yokomon I'm carrying. You know Yokomon, Sora's Digimon?

So I explain to him that this is Yokomon. That Yokomon is Sora's Digimon.

"But Sora has ginger hair. Your hair is brown."

Now keep in mind here, he's pointed out the biggest flaw in my costume. Yes, my hair is brown.

But Yolei's is purple.

"Now young lady, I've been a Digimon fan for a long time! Do you think I don't know the difference between two charaters! Now leave your glasses on and let me take this picture!"

Cos, you know, I'm totally not a Digimon fan. Only people who know nothing about Digimon would cosplay from it...

16 Apr 2011 - 19:4954254
Regarding my Captain Mal cosplay.

Man: "Hey is that a gun holster..?"

Me: "Yeah..." *silent nodding*

Man: *moves away*

Best train ride ever XD

26 Apr 2011 - 11:3354789
i go up to expo's in cosplay and there's ALWAYS something. notable examples are:

- coming back from an expo years ago dressed as Princess Mononoke and having this elderly indian couple ask me for a photo in broken english (who clearly had no idea who i was meant to be). slightly awkward but i agreed as it made them kinda happy. my friends kept laughing at me from behind the one taking a picture

- travelling back from the october expo last year and my friend and i being accosted by very drunk chavs. luckily they were all talk and no action and went away when we told them it was 'for halloween', still pretty worrying though (10 vs 2, not great odds >_< )

best times are when travelling up though, 6am on a train with very confused london businessmen and those looks old people give you where they're not sure whether to be worried or find you adorable

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17 Jun 2011 - 16:2160346
Posting this because this thread has been dead ;w;
But anyway XD
Recently my friend wanted to go out to a normal meet dressed as Karkat from Homestcuk (GRAY SKIN WITH HORNS LOL) and, as you'd expect, we both got stares (I looked fairly normal wearing Tsuna from Reborn lol) but some epic man from across the street shouted 'I THINK SHE'S SICK. PHONE AN AMBULANCE."
We pitied the man because everyone knew she was fine and he was actually phoning an ambulance .__. luckily they didn't turn up because me and her had to run over and say 'it's face paint, no need for an ambulance'
His face turned red and he just plodded off XD I lol'd too hard...

20 Jun 2011 - 18:0960713
That's freakin epic!


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20 Jun 2011 - 20:1260727
I was at the train station as Finas.
I asked for a child ticket and they questioned my age because of my fake facial (makeup) XP

20 Jun 2011 - 21:1260732
The other day I was getting photo of my Death cosplay at the side of a road and car pulled up and honked.
I thought it was just people being dicks and tried to ignore them then I heard "Your Death right!!? That's EPIC"
I looked over and these 2 guys are hanging out of the car window with their thumbs up XD

Was highly amusing XDD

Must have been comic geeks

In the same cosplay 2 eldery men approached me and one of them asked
"Excuse me, Miss Death, may I have a photo"

That made my day

20 Jun 2011 - 21:5060742
An old lady said to me when as i was dressed grossly as a WoW undead rogue, that she hoped I have a good time wherever I was going.

At expo my friend and I got a lot of "omg thats disgusting" as people walked passed us..!

20 Jun 2011 - 22:2260744
Me and my friend Patrick were in our Outlaw Star cosplays (he was Gene Starwind, I was Melfina) and we were walking up to drop stuff off in our friends hotel room during Auchinawa.

We went into the lift with this elderly couple and they said they loved our costumes. Then the woman said that her husband used to dress up in medieval outfits once for a job and they asked for a photo!

So random and really made that day extra special for both of us!

21 Jun 2011 - 07:5960753
Whilst in a Street Fighter group with some Friends we were walking from our hotel to the event, We had Guile, Chun-Li, Cammy and Bison.

Some type of council worker in a flatbed truck drove over to us and jumped out, he wandered over and asked

"Are you guys from Street Fighter or something?"
"yes we are"

He jumped back in his truck and drove off xD

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