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02 Aug 2010 - 13:2637693
Last Expo I was getting the train back and that day there had been a football match. The train was packed so we had to sit next to people who we didn't know and I got the drunk guy.

Luckily he was a friendly drunk and he asked what was going on and I explained that I had just been to a convention where you dress up. He then nodded and told me to enjoy the party that I was going to that night. I just nodded and agreed even though there was no party.

He ended up explaining his life story to me and then I gave pocky to his son who was sitting in the isle opposite. Made a new pocky fan and it was one of the funniest train journeys that I have had.

Apart from that just general things like people asking what is going on and on photo shoots people normally say things like 'nice outfits' or in one 'case whatever rocks your boat'.


02 Aug 2010 - 16:3237714
When i got on to the thames clipepr to see lady gaga, i was in tight shorts, bra, blonde wig, glasses, jacket, and military hat. As i stepped on the guy said "This is what makes work worth coming to"

02 Aug 2010 - 19:0737721
ive had a couple of funny encounters.

i was wearing my naruto t shirt in town and some kid from my school went "hey ashley you pokemon freak" i replied "its naruto" and he said "ok then naruto freak"

another time i wore my forehead protecter to school and my rm teacher said nice headband, i explained to him that it was a forehead protector and he just said "so its a headband" lol i end up agreeing

10 Aug 2010 - 13:1938422
Well I've been asked for my autograph in Sasuke cosplay before, it really freaked me out at first, turns out he knew one of my school friends.
On the same day me and my friend got stopped my a guy in a shop, and he asked us if we knew martial art like Sasuke and sakura, we said yes (which is true we study martial arts) he didn't believe us, we ended up giving him a demo in the middle of the shop, it was kinda embarrassing

10 Aug 2010 - 18:5738451
Actually, I've never had much trouble with 'norms' in cosplay, only when I've been in my 'normal' clothes (particularly my 1980's/Madonna phase. lol). But even then, I am apparently stylish by Chav standards, so usually they are just wanting to know where I got that t-shirt or those shoes, should be used to it by now, but everytime I get all worried. It is always about the "Pure totally bangin' t-shirt, man"...

Several times I've made little kids really happy in Harry Potter ("Wow! They're from Harry Potter daddy!" or Disney cosplay and when I was on a pub crawl dressed as the Brave Little Toaster, a bunch of very happy drunks gave me high-5's for being awesome. And some guy totally fancied me when I was dressed as Blink (skintight black bodysuit. lol) and kept asking if I was supposed to be David Bowie or something... only realising once out of the club that I was painted pink which was apparently "Really brave and actually pretty cool, pal".

Usually I get, "Your hair is so cool! How did you get it like that?!" when I'm actaully wearing a wig, but I also get that at cons from other cosplayers, so it's not just the 'norms' who are confused about that. The more rediculous the hairclour/style, the more convinced that people are that it's my real hair... yes, my hair is totally naturally bright green and waist-length guys, despite you also thinking that the short, black wig was my real hair yesterday. lol.

Oh yeah, also at one Expo my friends and I kept getting asked for photos with businessmen and women from the other event... perhaps the fact that we were dressed as the Gotham Girls might explain that one...

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10 Aug 2010 - 19:0438452
I had a normal person asking us if we believed in god and he went on about it for like 10 mins lol.
And While walking down the streets we was honked about 20 times no kidding XD
when I was dressed as Inuyasha once I was called santa with mickey mouse ears..... I get the santa part but Mickey ears?.....XD

10 Aug 2010 - 19:2938459
I try not to wear cosplay anywhere other than at an event. Of course though, sometimes we need to use shops and the like whilst at an event.

The best one was at Aya 2009 where myself and Junta were staying a fair distance from the con so we had to get taxis every day. On the saturday I was wearing Veronica from Shadow Hearts and the taxi driver asked to take a photo declaring he'd show it to his son when he got home with a "he'll love this"

I was amused.

10 Aug 2010 - 19:3938464
I love how a lot of "Normaly dressed" people actually recognise some of the characters in these great stories! XDD

I've had a few strange experiences with my Gorillaz 2D cosplay...especially recently when I wore it into London to meet up with some friends...

We were all sitting on the underground and the amount of people that took a second look at my eyes was halarious...they wore all sorts of expressions from utterly surprised to disgusted...and they couldn't see where I was looking either...because of my black-out contacts! XD....but the funniest thing was when the underground train stopped and the doors flew open...and there was a load of people on the platform with their phones and cameras trying to take pictures of me Oo; it was like the paparazzi had arrived!...so I just gave them a goofy grin before the doors closed again! XDD

10 Aug 2010 - 21:0838473
I usually get asked the same things which are, 'Why are you doing this?' and 'What is this for?'

I don't mind explaining to them what everyone is doing and I had a lovely conversation with an Irish couple at Kita this year in regards to it

10 Aug 2010 - 22:3338477
I had someone stop me in a train station to offer me a job as a hair stylist for a music video. i was flattered but i live on the other side of the country. I still have the card he gave me ^^.

The best thing i hear when in cosplay is the 5 seconds of silence. before someone realises who you are under the wig... oftern followed by Wow or O.M.G.

I predict that the world will end at half past six. what i don't know is exactly when.
10 Aug 2010 - 22:3938478
Well today me and my friend was in our kigus all day in picadilly circus in london and weird enough no one really cared but when we got to the japanese/china town, people keep on saying how cute we were and "Why are you doing this?"

Were we like "cos we are bored" and they didnt seem to care. We were hanging outside tokyo toys and people kept on asking about the products but we dont work there XD however the staff did say if we could stay by the shop a bit longer and attract customers.....good thing is was raining heavily outside


11 Aug 2010 - 21:4538566

In my Kuja cosplay whilst I was waiting at a bus stop I had a bunch of drunk(?) men yell down from a balcony general variants on the following:

I didn't know whether to be amused or not at the time xD;

It must not be denied but I am a plain dealing villain.
11 Aug 2010 - 21:5638569
When I was walking around dressed as Edward Elric, we walked past a couple of guys who I heard mutter something but I didn't hear what, so I asked my friend if she heard, apparently they'd said "well that's bloody awesome" xD
I got some strange looks dressed as Ciel, but wierdly no one said anything :S

13 Aug 2010 - 16:5438671
Some times a want to go out in full cosplay but these are the reasons im scared xD
Wow these stories are funny and interesting

13 Aug 2010 - 18:2638673
I had some rather amusing moments today while I was out having my Clone Syaoran photoshoot with Inore and CrystalNeko XDD
We were hanging around this park and I was doing various poses and this little boy and his dad are nearby. The little boy is very interested in what we're doing and decides to hide behind a tree, which happens to be right behind where I'm standing. His dad is trying to get him out of the way but the boy refuses to move I try to talk to him but he kept trying to hid behind this tree more and more XDD maybe I frightened him more? XD I was trying to be nice XD

Then, on the way home (still in full cosplay) I stopped by in ShoeZone because I saw that my friend was working in there. She recongises me but the manager there with her (an older lady) said to me: "Are you her friend? Why are you dressed as a witch?" A witch?! XDDD I certainly have not heard that one before But my friend simply replied "She's not a witch!! She's in her cosplay!" Awwww :3 And she doesn't like manga/anime stuff but is supportive in what I do We ended up going into the back of the shop talking for a bit XD Then the manager joked about me stealing money from the shop?? XD Random!


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13 Aug 2010 - 19:4538675
I got another one! I had a photoshoot in a one of those nature reserves open to the public. So I had random joggers & dog walkers staring at the fact there was this dreaded purple haired gal with lylac skin and in a skintight suit, with yellow eyes and fangs.

"Well... that isn't something you see every day." LOL I think sometimes the looks make me giggle so much more than any comment from 'norms' ever could!

14 Aug 2010 - 12:1038689
I cannot believe I forgot this story... so a bunch of us were at AX last year, which was just a few days before Michael jackson's funeral, so there were already people arriving for that whilst we were at the event. Ashe-chan, Angelphie and I were dressed as Wendy, Tink and Petere Pan and some dude wanted our picture, we thought for his little brother or a friend or something, saying "Michael would have loved this!"

Only as we were walking away, we twigged that he meant MJ and that he thought we were doing it as a tribute...

14 Aug 2010 - 13:4238691
Strangely the couple of times I've been outside a convention area in cosplay I've haven't had any comments!
I have been stopped several times in my normal clothing though lol! I've taken to dying my hair blue a lot recently and I get loads of positive comments from the most unexpected people. I was on the way to the station a few weeks ago and this guy who must have been about 80 told me he loved my hair!
When I wear my punk/lolita type outfits I often get compliments on my tights and skirts etc. I guess I'm pretty lucky the only negative reaction I've ever had is some chav in a group yelling 'she's wearing a tutu!' scornfully as I walked past! Way to state the obvious huh, moron!

14 Aug 2010 - 14:2238696
These are some pretty funny stories you guys have! XD
I've got one too though I'm not sure if it's all that funny:

While on the train to the last Oct Expo, my friend and I where dressed as Ulquiorra and Urahara from Bleach. Naturally, being dressed in all white with white skin and an odd looking bone helmet is going to draw some attention. XD
As we sat down and waited for the train to depart, an old woman walked by us to get to another carridge. Whilst opening the door, she did a double take at me and yelled, "Ahhh! It's a ghost!" before quickly running through the door.
I still don't know whether she was being serious or not. XD

Also, during the Hetalia meet last May we were stopped by a number of people for photos which was nice. ^-^

14 Aug 2010 - 19:3638706
I always get the elderly wondering why I'm dressed up for XD and then I have to explain the whole context of cosplay yada yada. But a group of chavs were taking the piss shouting stuff like, "It's not halloween yet!" Silly pedos XD

17 Aug 2010 - 00:1838805
Myself and my cosplay group were walking through town, some of us were in Akatsuki cosplays, suddenly out of nowhere this guy randomly shouts 'EIGHT TRIGRAMS SIXTY FOUR PALMS!' Then suddenly attacks one of the Akatsuki cosplayers! We were all confused for a moment then burst out laughing.
I've also had the normal chav remarks, pointing and the one security guard at the hotel for MCM make fun of my cosplay (Never stopping at PTI again ¬_¬)
My friends know I do it, I'm sure a lot of them talk about it behind my back but the occasional few have asked me about it and I've explained it. One friend in particular is fascinated by it ^^
We were in travelling man one day and my friend was cosplaying Amu Hinamori, a random woman came up to us and said to her 'I love your hair!' There was this awkward silence then I said 'Ermmm...it's a wig......'

17 Aug 2010 - 09:0238809
I've had a few funny ones...

Last October going to & from MCM Expo I got lots of comments dressed as Lavi. One the way back, one guy insisted on shaking my hand and telling me that I had made his day!

At the May expo, as Orihime (Hueco Mundo Vers.) I got honked at by several cars and on the train back (dressed as Sanzo) one of the instructors from the martial arts competition that was running at Excel along side Expo asked what everyone had been doing over the weekend. I explained it to him and he seemed to understand before adding 'some of the macho guys couldn't understand the guys in skirts and dresses...'

My local museum held a manga exhibition last month and I turned up a few times in cosplay and got asked millions of questions by the townsfolk (and a lot of dirty looks :S). As Orihime and my friend as Gin, one guy stopped and asked us if we were going to Aikido practise and another guy kept telling me how lovely my hair was... it was a wig(and he was a little bit creepy :S).

For a friends birthday I dressed as France in a Mime outfit with my flag and some lady came up to me and started chatting to me in French (which I don't speak XD)

Gotta love norms reactions though ^^


18 Aug 2010 - 02:2538885
I usually wear my Franky wig while in London around Piccidily Circus and don't half get some mixed looks from the general public. Its bad enough being 6'52. Now add almost another 1/2 foot on top. Its amusing cos the peeps who I am chilling with up London can see me a mile off since the wig is like a sharks fin cutting through the crowds. I usually get omg what the hell are u wearing something like that for? to damn that looks good. And you know what? It does

But yer I get my fair share of people coming up to me while wearing the wig asking whats the occasion or whats there some sort of event on.

Another case was at Kita 09 and a short Elvis fan came up to me saying that I was "him" me and my friends were slighty cofused assume I looked like ELvis. Bearing in mind the wig I was wearing is light blue.

Same day I went to a newsagents with a friend as he was uncomfatable going alone and had a few bratty chavs standing by the entrance making Elvis noises to which I turned to one of them and proceeded to ask for an encore and sing some more becasuse cleeeeeearly I look like Elvis frickin Presley. The brat got embarrased and his mates started taking the mick outta him leaving me to pleasantly return to the con.

We give thanks to this tasy meal.

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18 Aug 2010 - 14:0538901
one time i was walking around leicester square with my boyfriend dressed as c.c. from code geass (while eating pizza from pizza hut lol!) and we went passed this bar/pub and at least 50 drunk (probably) rugby fans just shouted at me "GREEN HAIR WHAT THE FUCK!!" like a chant xD
it was kinda creepy though.. like they rehearsed it o.o"

yeah i dont walk around with my c.c. wig anymore xD;

18 Aug 2010 - 20:3538938
My friend and I were walking down around the uni grounds at Amecon this year and this woman walks up to us. My friend was dressed as Oni/Fierce Deity Link and she asked us what was going on, and was it a reenactment? We said no. I can't imagine a battle where helix swords were used with white hair, elf ears and colourful armour.

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