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01 Aug 2010 - 14:0737582
Things 'Normal' people have said to you while cosplaying?
Sorry if there is already a post for this, i couldnt find it if tere was.

Most people have had it happen to them, i was wondering if you had, have it happen to you, if you would like to share it ^-^

I know when i was doing a costume run for my Ken cosplay, i was walking through the market and these girls started sniggering and pointing at me -.- tapping there freinds to look at me. I also got 'The Look' a couple of times to xD

Yeah i know myne wasnt to good but meh

01 Aug 2010 - 15:0837591
had a very funny experience in town yesterday when me and some friends were dressed as vampire knight and hetalia... and someone walked past and yelled DEATH NOTTEEE!

and we were just like :S wrong anime,mate

01 Aug 2010 - 15:3337593
I've had someone walk up to me back in 2009 day before expo when we were out and about chilling round Excel as ya do and they asked "Ummm... so what exactly is this for anyways?"


01 Aug 2010 - 15:5137602
On the way to Aya last year me and my friend were walking to the bus station in Coventry and the embodiment of the chav stereotype called me a tramp (while surrounded by many of her young offspring ¬.¬.. the irony) I was wearing my Princess Velvet cosplay which really pee'd me off cuz I'd altered the costume to be far more covered up than the character =(.

I've been laughed at for wearing Lulu, errm starred at for Lady Jibril & Yuko Ichihara .. one of the reasons I try to avoid going to event's in cosplay these days =/ unless I'm wearing a coat over the top and not the wig

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01 Aug 2010 - 16:1437611
While we were doing a Marauders (Harry Potter) photoshoot at May Expo just gone, a bunch of chavs started hanging around where we were taking photos. While most of them were making generic derogatory comments, one of them says something along the lines of:

"Are you 'Arry Potta? I loike tha' game. Iss really gud. Can I 'ave a go wiv your wand?"

*slow clap*

01 Aug 2010 - 16:5337613
On my way to a con I passed a group of people. Because I was in my Hope Estheim cosplay, complete with the large boomerang Airwing they stared. Then one decided to comment.

"Is that the way you normally dress?"

I just laughed and walked on. lol

01 Aug 2010 - 17:0837616
I had a surprising incident once XD

A Group of chavs walked past me in town while I was on my way to a shoot for my third uni Allen Walker
One broke apart from the group after they'd past - ran to catch me up - stopped in front of me and went
"You look fucking awesome seriously"

Totally was not expecting that XDXD

I've also had a group of people exclaim
'Is that a girl or a boy?!' While coming out of the Girls toilet in the same costume ¬¬;

01 Aug 2010 - 17:0937617
i guess ive been quite lucky as no-ones really commented when ive been dressed up.
every convention ive been to though, when ive nipped into town for something i always get asked by people 'so what going on at the hotel/university?'
im always happy to answer..what makes me laugh is the usual look of '...wha?...' although someone once answerd back with ' ooh, reminds me of my D&D days'

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01 Aug 2010 - 17:3737621
Me and my friend were in town, last year around Christmas or something. We walked past this man and he stopped us saying something about a radio station. At this point I should mention that both me and my friend were both in Lolita dresses. He asked us if we were going to a fancy dress part. I was all like Oooh God, while my friend stated that this was how we normally dress. Strange thing is that he kept on talking to us, asking us what our favourite christmas song was...

01 Aug 2010 - 18:3037623
I was walking through bus station 6ft broomstick and all when a woman came up to me and went 'wow! what are you dressed like kiki for?'.

I grinned and then invited her to our picnic, she thanked me but was busy though =/.

No idea anyone would notice XD.

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01 Aug 2010 - 19:0637627
Quote .neverbell:
I was walking through bus station 6ft broomstick and all when a woman came up to me and went 'wow! what are you dressed like kiki for?'.

I grinned and then invited her to our picnic, she thanked me but was busy though =/.

No idea anyone would notice XD.

xD thats awesome that someone realised you were Kiki!

01 Aug 2010 - 19:2437634
These stories are funny xD there taking the pain away from my feet

When i went to Alton Towers yesturday (hence the aching feet) i was wearing my Death Note t-shirt and people kept trying to read it as i walked past xD and they kept looking at me
-.- i was only wearing the t-shirt

01 Aug 2010 - 19:4137637
on our way to the Midland's meet in sheffield me and my two friends got on the train

I was in my shugo chara uniform, one was dressed as a cat and the other like Ritsuke I think....(i can never remeber the name but from loveless)

the train conductor adored the cosplays and whenever he finished giving out the tickets (wasn't busy on the train)he came and talked to us even though he had no idea what we were doing

he is now our fav conductor unfortunetly we haven't seen him since

also old people are the best- i was wearing a moggle gijinka cosplay which was knee length socks- heels and a white top and skirt, paws and wings and a head dress.

as this old woman got off the train she came over and told me how nice I looked compared to some of the things kids wear these days

she made my day <3

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01 Aug 2010 - 19:4437639
Quote .neverbell:
I was walking through bus station 6ft broomstick and all when a woman came up to me and went 'wow! what are you dressed like kiki for?'.

I grinned and then invited her to our picnic, she thanked me but was busy though =/.

No idea anyone would notice XD.

Oh god really? That's awesome XD

I've had drunkards outside the pub the cosplay event was at (yeeeah New Year's...) stare at me. I wondered if they recognised me but one man came upto me and said something along the lines of 'You look fantastic! I like that outfit...just wow' and just stood there looking me up and down.
I was dressed as Harry Potter. Shirt, glasses, tie and sweater. What.

Oh, and one time on the bus as Rinoa, some boys at the back of the bus in front started blowing kisses at me, 'cept I didn't work out it was me as I was quite a bit younger than them, turned around and they started pointing wildly at me. It was only when I got off they I realised they meant me. I'm such a moron sometimes.

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01 Aug 2010 - 19:4537640
ive walked through my local town in my deunan cosplay (with my 5yr old son)and had someone come up to me to ask, 'is that how you usualy dress?' i just said 'yes, why do you have a problem how i dress?' they just walked away lol. (was a chav, if it was a *normal* person i would of been nicer)

ive also had randon glomps and shouts from cars while wearing my FMA shirt, also had some shout at me from across the playground (was picking up my kid from school) was fun.

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01 Aug 2010 - 21:1037645
we had an Interval inbetweent he cosplay workshops and ball at Bham Double Copslay event so everyone left and went into town to get some food.

So imagine loads of cosplayers walking through B'ham in Full Cosplay

On the way into town we heard these 'Buisness types' say "My word they are all at it today arent they" XD and the guys next to him was like " yeah weird eh?" XD I lol'ed

They seemed so confused XD

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01 Aug 2010 - 21:1137646
i was walking through town wearing my kimmimaro (Naruto)cosplay after a tokyopop Recon thing, some guy from across the street opened a shop door, screamed "OROCHIIIMARUU" then slammed the door. i was like wha?

most rude comments i get are at Midlands Expo while walking through the shopping centre/past the ice rink
"hurrr why are you dressed as a fish"

some chavy girl sat on a pavement (nice) with all her friends, pointed at me and did some stupid fake laugh/cackle thing REALLY LOUD, obviously trying to be hilarious infront of her chavvy minions. i was just like, now you're the one who looks stupid

Some people are really nice though and show a genuine intrest, im always happy to talk to people like that

01 Aug 2010 - 23:1837660
I don't do cosplay in public (outside of convention areas), as it generally attracts the wrong kind of attention no matter what the costume looks like. Or just attention in general, I only like it in very very moderate amounts.

I got chatted up a lot in my Rikku costume, but that was some years ago. I doubt I could attract that kind of attention anymore. I generally just receive a lot of "what's your costume for?" and "what's happening in the (insert name of convention center)"

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02 Aug 2010 - 00:1537665
There was one time when me and my friend were getting the train back to our hotel, kitted out as Sasuke and Hinata and there was a woman behind us who was trying to sneakily take a photo of us, but we heard her say the word 'photo' which is the same in most languages and we turned around.
She looked really embarassed but we just posed for a picture for her, it was really amusing.

And then earlier whilst still Sasuke I was waiting for Hinata to buy her train ticket and was just stood with our bags and this guy walks past, backs up and says "OH MY GOD SASUKE"
That really made my day.

One other time there was a bus driver who, whilst I was wearing my Zero wig and purple contacts who said he liked my hair... thinking it was my actual hair colour.. it made me smile.

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02 Aug 2010 - 08:1237673
When my friend and I were cosplaying at Midlands MCM Expo, we had to walk past this ice-skating rink and through a shopping centre thing to get to McDonalds to get somethin' to eat. My friend went as Xion from KH, so she had this leather coat on (she had taken her wig off XD) and I, meanwhile, was in my Tenten cosplay with a Cat Hat on my head I had bought earlier. I SWEAR TO GOD THE LOOKS WE WERE GIVEN WERE MADE OF PURE EVIL!
I couldn't help but laugh, there were so many people staring. XD
The General Public make me laugh. They have no idea.

02 Aug 2010 - 09:3537676
I've had 'Are you in your pyjamas?!?' and 'Oh, are you going to a party?' and I end up just agreeing.
But generally I just get stared at and once I even got a 'your Cloud's awesome' in a train station.

And old poeple seem to like me 8D
They're always interested as to why I have bright yellow spikes or purple hair.

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02 Aug 2010 - 10:1537677
This isn't strictly cosplay but kinda amusing.
My friend used to meet his girlfriend (who is now his wife) from work dressed as Darth Vader just to embaress her. One day I'd been over his for some reason and the time came to meet Maria from work so he got into this Darth Vader outfit and we walked down to where she worked.
She came out, not that phased by the Darth Vader thing as she was used to it, but she needed to go into town to pick up something from Boots, I don't remember what now.
So anyway, we get to Boots and me and him decide to wait outside Boots.
Of course a group of Chavs come past and spot Darth Vader standing outside Boots and stop and stare.
Eventually one of them walks up to me and says "What's he doing?"
I just turned around and said. "Oh, he's just waiting for his girlfriend."
Still confused, the Chav asks me why to which I replied. "Well because she's just gone inside to buy something."
"Oh." He said and as he returned to the group who we still staring we could hear him say...
"He's waiting for his girlfriend!"

Well, I find the story amusing.

02 Aug 2010 - 10:4937680
When i dressed up as Snake/Bigboss from MGS3 for the Peacewalker Launch Event in London , a group of people 5-6 people were just staring at me nonstop whilst on the train and my mates were like ' Do you want us to stare at them and pull funny faces ' i was like naah theres no need so when i got off they quickly tapped my back and said ' Rambo is that a real gun in your holster...' i was like erm nope and walked off... I Wanted to shout im SNAAAAAAKE !!!!

02 Aug 2010 - 10:5737681
this thread amuses me ^^ i have loads of my own stories about public reactions to my cosplays. here are some highlights.

on my way to Kita 09, i was in my Fool cosplay, and walking around Birmingham. sooooo many people shouted "Superman" at me. cos superman obviously wears bright purple lycra with long green hair >.>

on the way to our towns ReCon last year i was dressed as Aspharr, and had to stand at the front of the bus to town. there was a little kid and his mum sat at the front, and i heard the woman say "You'd better behave, or else the knight will get you"

Coming back from the same ReCon, waiting in the bus station for the bus home, i suddenly found myself surrounded by Chinese tourists, who recognised the character, and all wanted photos with me XD

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02 Aug 2010 - 11:3237683
Well besides the usual looks and stuff, I've had some interesting encounters.

A couple of years ago at Expo there was also some Nickelodeon awards thing at Excel too. One parent outside asked if there was a convention going on or something. I said "that's probably the best way to put it".

I was waiting to meet some friends out side Tower Gateway DLR to go to Expo in my Lloyd Irving. A couple of guys asked me if I was going fishing. It was probably because I'd used wellingtons for the costume and I was carrying my swords in a large case on my shoulder.

My favourite thing happened at Waterloo station while I was waiting for a Jubilee Line train last Expo. On the platform was a member of station staff and on her radio came:

"Can you ask him what the hell's going on? I've seen nothing but people in fancy dress today."

This made me laugh and she came over. I explained about Expo to her. It was fun.

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