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30 Jul 2010 - 02:0437423
Lower Budget Props & Accessories..
In the past ive primarily dealt with just friends asking me about comissions, but im looking to take on more.

In the past ive made:
Spearhead for GraceyDarling's Xing Cai.
The Entirety of Zhou Tai for myself.
Kunai's, Shuriken and various small scale weapons
immitation swords (sometimes based of Bokken)
Armour pieces
3 yoko rifles (2 based off comission 1 for myself)
2 3section spears
Ikkaku's Bankai for myself
Glasses for Kamina
A Space Marine Chainsword
Yoshitsune Minamoto's Headdress/weapon/wings (warriors orochi 2)

i make all of my props from lower budget materials such as Plywood/foamboard/dowelling/mountboard and i use odd items i gather up as parts wherever i can if i think they would suit better than i could produce (chain, tubing etc)

i work on a rough rate but i will stick to my estimate that i give up front. special requests taken obviously and i can make most items dismantle for storage and transport.

PM me on here if your interested

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