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21 Jul 2010 - 16:0436728
Im here!!
Hi everyone!!! thought i would sign up as im kinda new to cosplaying and i love it! im a member of a costume group and i use one of my costumes to cosplay. you can find me on facebook as craig strife.

I was at LFCC too so of ya saw me there say hi!

21 Jul 2010 - 18:4136739
'sup, didn't see you at the con - not been to one yet, not even done a real cosplay - or started one for that matter as I'm broke; but Hi anyway.
Everyone here is really welcoming and most have some serious skill with a needle and thread, not to mention everything else (foam, wigs, metal effect, weapons and props etc) and always seem ready to help with ideas, so I'm sure you'll get any advice you need.

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